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What is AlamoPROMISE?


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You can learn more about AlamoPROMISE through our Frequently Asked Questions.

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AlamoPROMISE Student Flyer (PDF) AlamoPROMISE Student Flyer (Español PDF)

Female Palo Alto College graduate holding a blue balloonAlamoPROMISE Eligibility Information

Once you’ve completed Steps 1 – 3, your AlamoPROMISE Eligibility Packet will be reviewed and you will hear from us.

Don’t forget! You still need to complete the Alamo Colleges District enrollment process.

In order to meet all the requirements for AlamoPROMISE, continue working on your enrollment steps listed below.

To be accepted as an AlamoPROMISE Scholar, all these items must be completed by August 1, 2020.

Preferred Date:
APRIL 1, 2020

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  • Ensure your college is listed on your FAFSA and/or TASFA. See the AlamoPROMISE Student Resource Guide on how to update your FAFSA. Students planning to take summer bridge will need FAFSA/TASFA completed early Spring if possible.

  • Complete financial aid verification, if selected by the Department of Education and notified by the Student Financial Aid Office at your selected college. Verification is completed through your college’s Financial Aid Office by submitting requested documents.

  • Complete the AlamoENROLL modules accessible in AlamoNAVIGATE on your ACES Start Here tab.

  • Participate in a Career Exploration Camp session.

  • Take the TSI Assessment, if required, or submit eligible test scores.

  • Submit proof of your Bacterial Meningitis vaccine, if applicable.

  • Complete the Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship Application.

Summer Programs
June - July, 2020

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  • Participate in a Summer Bridge, if required. Your enrollment coach will assist you.

  • Complete New Student Orientation and enroll in 9 credit hours or more.

Additional Resources

  • How to Apply
    • Visit How to Apply for an online guide for first-time in college students.
  • Career Coach
    • Need help deciding on a course of study and a career path? Visit Career Coach to discover fields of study and in-demand jobs based on your interests.