San Antonio College – Assessment and Testing Center

1819 N. Main San Antonio, TX 78212

Moved to Moody!

The Assessment and Testing office is now located in the Moody Learning Center 5th floor room 533.

Welcome: We are a TECQ Testing Center that proctors the TCEQ’s Computer Based Test (CBT) for Occupational Licensing. We offer free and close parking next to our building and a comfortable and friendly testing environment.   

What is the TCEQ?   

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) strives to protect our state's public health and natural resources consistent with sustainable economic development. Their goal is clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste. Below are the list of Computer Base Tests:  


Examinations available for CBT by Licensing Program- All exams are in English Only

Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester (BPAT)

Customer Service Inspector

Ground Water Operator – Class B & C

*Landscape Irrigation Inspector

*Landscape Irrigation Technician

*Municipal Solid Waste – Class A & B

On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF)

Surface Water Operator – Class B & C

Wastewater Treatment Operator – Class B, C & D

Wastewater Collection Operator – Class I & II

Water Distribution Operator – Class B&C

Water Operator – Class D

Water Treatment Specialist – Class I, II & III



The TCEQ must pre-approve your license application before you can register for an exam. Once approved, you will receive an approval letter in the mail, which you must bring with you to your exam. You will be eligible to attempt 4 tests during a one-year approval period. After the fourth unsuccessful test in the one-year period, the applicant will need to submit a new application and fee to TCEQ.


We administer the TCEQ exam from Mondays thru Thursdays, as long as these days do not overlap with a holiday or a college related function. Start time of the exam is 8:30am. This early start time will provide you in securing a better parking and if needed, allowed you enough time to retest.  


An appointment is required in order to test.  Appointments are now to be made online by clicking on TCEQ APPOINTMENTS.

Our TCEQ test-proctoring fee is $40.00 must be paid each time you take the exam which is non-refundable/non-transferable. Examinees and/or employers preferring to pay in advance can pay with a debit/credit card by following the link above. If prepaid, a printed copy of the receipt will need to be presented at the time of testing. Payment by credit/debit card, cash or check can also be made on the day of the exam.

Once your appointment has been made, we will email you a scheduled confirmation test date and time along with additional information about parking and location of our Testing Center. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled test time. No Walk-Ins are Allowed.


We are located in the Moody Learning Center room 533. You may park in front of the Fletcher Bldg staff parking. At the entrance, show the parking attendant your parking permit. Even though this reserved parking, but it does get full by 8:30am. You may also park in student parking. However, it does to get full by 8am.


You will need a current recognizable photo ID for example driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, military ID, etc.


On the day of the test, we will provide you scratch paper, pencil and a simple 4-function non- programmable calculator.

*Landscape Irrigation are allowed to bring Engineering scale and graph paper

*Municipal Solid Waste are allowed bring training manuals, notes, etc. (This is an open book exam)


The following items are NOT ALLOWED in the testing room: electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, pagers, photographic devices, etc.), food or drinks, dictionaries, etc.

SCORES and RETAKES: Minimum passing score is 70.

Taking the Computer-Based Testing for TCEQ has its benefits:

  • Immediate printing exam score and analysis feedback with email option!
  • Faster receipt of licenses!
  • Immediate retesting available!
  • User-friendly computers screens, quiet testing room and friendly staff!

For examinees that are testing for the first time and do not pass, you have the option to retesting at no charge for a second attempt as long it is done immediately after their 1st test (same day). Candidates are not allowed to take more than 2 tests attempts in one day and are not allowed access to study materials between exam attempts.. Retesting on a different day will be $40.00 each time.

If you require additional information about the TCEQ, please visit them on web at or call them directly at 512-239-6133.

If you need further assistance in regards to testing at San Antonio College, please contact Oscar San Miguel at