Adult Dual Enrollment Program

The Empowerment Center's Adult Dual Enrollment (ADE) Program allows students at San Antonio College to take college courses while completing their GED. Being a part of this program allows students to receive comprehensive support during your first semester of college. We will guide the student through the college application process and provide them with the tools necessary for college success.

If you are interested in the Adult Dual Enrollment Program
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Adult Dual Interest Form

Program Requirements and Degrees & Certificates

    • US Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen
    • Bexar County Resident
    • Texas State Resident (1 Year Minimum)
    • Pass 3 Sections of the GED
      • Passing Language Arts is Required
    • Actively Enrolled in a GED Program
    • Attend Mandatory Info Session
    • Pass Ability to Benefit Exam
    • Eligible to Receive Financial Aid

  • Currently San Antonio College is the only college in San Antonio offering an Adult Dual Enrollment Program.

    San Antonio College A-Z List of Degrees and Certificates


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose the program?

The Adult Dual Enrollment Program is an opportunity for you to start college before completing your GED. The Empowerment Center is on your team and will work hard to provide the comprehensive support you need throughout your first semester of college. We provide the keys to success, all you have to do is unlock your potential.

Can I have a full-time job and still be part of this program?
  • If possible, we encourage students to work less than 40 hours a week.
  • If you cannot work less than 40 hours a week we still encourage you to attend an info session. During the info session we will discuss your current obligations in order to see if joining the program, completing your GED, and working full-time are realistic.
What if I don’t have transportation?

Once you enroll in a college course at SAC, you automatically become eligible to ride the VIA Metropolitan Transit for FREE

What is the Ability to Benefit Exam?
  • Students who do not have a GED or High School Diploma are required to pass the Ability to Benefit Exam in order to receive any financial aid they may qualify for.
  • We also use this exam as an indicator of a student’s potential for college success.
  • Study material will be provided for the exam. The exam is self-paced and taken in-person at the SAC Assessment and Testing Center. The average student completes the exam within 1-2 hours.
  • The Ability to Benefit Exam covers: Reading, Writing, and Non-Algebraic Math.
How do I pay for my college courses?
  • We will help you submit a Financial Aid (FAFSA) Application. FAFSA goes off your yearly income to determine if you’re eligible to receive grants, but you have to pass the Ability to Benefit Exam first before you can receive any aid.
  • If you do not qualify for grants based on your yearly income, other resources may be available. SAC offers payment plans that will allow you to pay for your course(s) throughout the semester instead of paying for them at once.
What if I’m not currently enrolled in a GED Program?
  • The SAC Empowerment Center offers the GED-Thru-College Program, a FREE 16-week comprehensive GED program that has one of the highest GED passing rates in the nation.
  • We require that students be currently enrolled in a GED program in order to be part of the Adult Dual Enrollment Program. In addition, students must remain in good standing with their GED program while being part of the ADE Program.
  • Please contact us for information regarding other GED programs.
What are my time commitments for this program?
  • San Antonio College offers face-to-face classes as well as online classes that operate using Zoom. You will spend approximately 3 hours each week in class per college course. Remember that you still need to dedicate time to study and complete assignments outside of class.
  • SAC also offers courses which do not have specific class meeting times. You will complete weekly assignments, and we highly encourage students to spend a minimum of 3 hours per week on each asynchronous course they take.
  • You are required to remain active in your GED program and will be required to attend your GED classes weekly. Time commitment varies based on specific GED program enrollment and subject areas needed.
What if I don’t know what degree or career to pursue?
  • It’s very common for students to not know what they want to do when they start college. It’s even more common for a student to change their mind about the major they want to pursue! Most programs require the same basic college courses, so you can start by taking those while you figure out the path you want to take.
  • Once you’re a San Antonio College student, you will have access to our Career Services office. This office can help with career exploration, resume building, job interview prep, and they can also help you search for a job!