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Welcome to San Antonio College!

This school is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

International students from around the world find a home at San Antonio College. With a reputation for academic excellence and a supportive learning environment, SAC offers several benefits for those who come here to continue their education, including:

  • Small class sizes.
  • A rigorous English as a Second Language program to prepare students for academic courses.
  • Transfer pathways to a four-year university to complete a bachelor’s degree.
  • The opportunity to get one year of work experience through Optional Practical Training when completing an associate degree.

The International Student Services Office (ISS) is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals,  providing a variety of resources to meet the unique needs of international students and helping them discover all that our campus has to offer. We’re here to help you with visa and admission requirements as well as adjusting to student life and life in San Antonio and the United States.

SAC serves more than 18,000 students from its campus in the heart of San Antonio. As the seventh largest city in the United States, San Antonio offers a rich history, a culture of diversity and plenty to see and do.


ISS provides many resources for student visa holders. We offer individual advising and services in the following areas:

  • Immigration matters, such as obtaining F-1 student visas, maintaining full-time enrollment, transferring administration of your SEVIS I-20 record between schools, and traveling outside of the United States.
  • Employment restrictions and options and obtaining work authorization.
  • Information on medical insurance coverage.
  • Providing letters for verification of your F-1 status for various purposes, such as obtaining a Texas driver's license or identification card.
  • Adjustment to San Antonio College and to life in San Antonio and the United States.


How does San Antonio College define an international student?

An international student is an individual who holds a valid non-immigrant visa allowing for study in the United States.

I already hold a non-immigrant visa; can I study at San Antonio College?

There are non-immigrant visas that allow individuals to study in the U.S. Visit “Non-immigrants Who Can Study?” for the list of eligible visas.

Can I study at San Antonio College with an active Tourist/Business Visa (B2/B1)?

Per federal regulations, B-1 and B-2 nonimmigrants (i.e., visitors who are in the United States for business and pleasure purposes) are prohibited from enrolling in a course of study at a U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school. Visit the Department of Homeland Security webpage Study in the States for detailed information regarding B-1/2 Visitors who want to enroll in school.

How do you apply as an international student to San Antonio College?

Please click here International Admission Requirements for information regarding international student admission at San Antonio College.

Is there a fee to apply as an international student?

There is a one-time $100 non-refundable processing fee for international student applicants. There is no fee for the Apply Texas admission application.  You can pay the International Student Application fee in the Alamo Colleges District Marketplace Mall.

Who can help with the international student enrollment steps?

For assistance, please contact the International Student Services Office

Can I pay as a Texas resident (In-district or Out-of-district) if I hold a non-immigrant visa that allows for study in the U.S.?

If a non-immigrant visa holder is eligible to domicile in the United States, he/she may be eligible to pay Texas resident tuition. For the list of eligible visas who can domicile, go to:

Do I have to take an English proficiency exam to attend San Antonio College?

International students interested in attending San Antonio College are given the Michigan English Test (MET) to determine English proficiency prior to admission. The Michigan exam determines a student’s level of proficiency in English and the amount of additional English language instruction needed, if any.

To ensure all students have a strong English language foundation before taking academic courses, SAC provides English as a Second Language classes at its Center for English Learning. Once students complete their ESL program, they can transition into a degree program.

Can I defer my offer of admissions?

Please contact the International Student Services advisor for information regarding deferred admission.

Does San Antonio College accept transcripts from colleges and universities in a foreign country?

Yes.  The San Antonio College will accept foreign transcripts that have been evaluated by a member of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

Please note: Some evaluation services require the document to be translated into English before they can complete the evaluation.

Where can I find an agency or company that evaluates foreign credentials?

For a list of NACES members, go to: National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

Which type of evaluations should I select?

Admission requires a general evaluation stating your documents are equivalent to that of a U.S. high school or U.S. college or university. For transfer credit, you must request a detailed or course-by-course evaluation. 

Please note: there is no guarantee transfer credit can or will be awarded.

How much money do I need to satisfy the Financial Resources requirement for F-1 visa applicants?

The amount needed to meet the Financial Resources requirement is $25,000 to cover one-year (two semester) tuition, fees and living expenses for student and an additional $5,000 per dependent.

How long will it take to issue my form I-20?

Generally, the form I-20 is issued approximately two weeks after all required documents have been received. You can contact the International Student Services advisor at the College you will attend for additional information. 

Once I receive my form I-20 how do I get my student F-1 visa?

Once you receive your form I-20 you must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee and complete the online Visa Application, form DS-160, then schedule an interview with the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country. For additional information click “Student Visas”.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Texas State Law (SB 1107) established the requirement for students under the age of 22 years entering any Texas institution of higher education to provide proper documentation showing they have received the bacterial meningitis vaccination within five years and at least 10 calendar days before the beginning of the semester. The bacterial meningitis vaccination expires five years after the date it is received. The vaccination must be within five years on the first day of classes for the starting semester. 

Do I need health insurance?

It is highly recommended that all international students attending San Antonio College have appropriate health insurance for the duration of the program of study. For more details go to Health Insurance.

Do I have to attend an International Student Orientation?

All F-1 visa students are required to attend the F-1 Visa Compliance Seminar. Once accepted, the International Student Services Office will send additional information.

How many credit hours am I required to register for?

To maintain your F-1 visa status, you must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours every fall and spring semester.

What are tuition payment options?

Pay online with a credit card or check through your ACES student account. Cash payments are accepted at Business Office. You can also make arrangements to pay your tuition with a payment plan. Once a payment plan has been set up, you can schedule additional payments to be automatically deducted from your checking account or applied to a credit card. Remember, if you choose this option, all payments will be made prior to the payment deadline and no additional actions are necessary. Visit the Business Office for more information on paying your tuition.

Can international students apply for financial aid or scholarships?

F-1 students are not eligible to apply for federal aid such as the Pell Grant; however, there may be limited state funding available. Please contact your International Student Services advisor for more information.

Can international students work with an F-1 visa?

No, the F-1 visa is a student visa and not a work visa. Please contact your International Student Services advisor for questions regarding employment.

Can international students take online courses?

As per federal regulations, F-1 visa students can take one online 3-credit class per semester. Please contact your International Student Services advisor to discuss your specific needs.

What does remote learning or instruction mean for international students?

Remote learning or synchronous Instruction is the same as a standard course, only conducted online through Zoom instead of an in-person class. Students will log in during class hours and be lectured face-to-face with an instructor digitally. Canvas and additional remote-access tools may be used.

Online or asynchronous instruction refers to a traditional, fully distanced, online course. Students will have a series of tasks or modules to complete each week but may do so on their own time. Online courses are delivered entirely on Canvas, though they may use additional online tools.

The maximum number of credits Zoom (Synchronous) or online (Asynchronous) international students are permitted to take each fall and spring semester is 3 credits.

What do I need to access Zoom?

To access remote learning, you will need a computer, internet, and access to your ACES account.

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