SAC Online Teaching Certification

This program focuses on pedagogy and standards of best practice for the online learning environment while introducing tools to build, facilitate, and assess online instruction using the Canvas learning management system (LMS) as a delivery mechanism. Participants will complete this online course of instruction in Canvas, supplemented by one-on-one support if needed. The online course addresses both pedagogy and the Canvas system-specific tools. Participants in the certification program will concurrently develop a course. The participant-developed course will be evaluated by a Course Readiness Review panel. This program will allow faculty to gain competency with the technical aspects of the course platform as well as a solid grasp of best practices and teaching techniques that promote a successful online classroom environment.

This course is the first of three steps in the Online Teaching Certification Process at San Antonio College. You can register for this 8-week online Course in AlamoTalent. Once this course has been completed a Course Peer Review must be conducted to receive certification to teach hybrid or fully online courses at San Antonio College.  The third step is to take the Quality Matters Course.