Welcome to the Innovation Gallery

Stop by and explore the SAC Tech Store to experience some of the latest trending technologies.  Learn how technology is revolutionizing the world today.  Expand your thoughts on how technology is used in business and develop your own technical skills.  Let the Tech Store connect you with the latest products and services in a fun and interactive setting. All demonstrations are free to the public.  




    Google Cardboard

    Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed to be used with any smartphone.  Users run Cardboard compatible mobile Apps on their smartphones and view content through the cardboard lenses.  The lenses create a 3D effect when viewed, move your eyes and head around and the image will respond. 






    3D Printer 

    3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.  Layer by layer, which is called additive manufacturing, material( such as plastic) is deposited to create a 3D object. Toys, instruments, jewelry and many other objects can be created using 3D Printers. 






     Leap Motion 

    Leap Motion Controller creates a 3D interactive space between you and your computer screen.  The Leap Motion software bring your bare hands into a direct virtual and augmented reality.  Both hands and all 10 fingers are translated into data into information for your computer.  






     Parrot Mini Drone

    Parrot Mini Drone is a robust, impact-resistant mini drone that is customizable.  Designed for quick flights, this mini drone can reach speeds of 11 mph and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. 






    Oculus Rift 

    Oculus Rift is a set of virtual-reality goggles designed to immerse the user in a virtual world.  The Oculus Rift works with gaming desktops and laptops.  The user will feel like they are running, fighting, racing and other game simulations all in a 3D environment.  The goggles are able to track head movements giving the user the sensation of looking around in their 3D environment.






    Osmo is an educational gaming accessory for your iPad that makes hands-on learning fun.  Players use objects in the real world to interact in a digital world to promote learning through physical-digital interactions.  Learn coding, math, drawing, spelling, fundamentals of physics, word geography and spatial relational skills.  

    Double 2 Telepresence

    Double 2 Telepresence is a robot that helps place people in remote locations.  By way of computer, tablet or smartphone , people can participate when they can not be there physically.  Telepresence has a built in video-cameras, screen, speaker and microphone which enables users to interact with other in the room. Hospitals, schools, corporate offices, and medical clinics are using Telepresence  as part of their business environments. 



    zSpace Platform

    zSpace allows users to interact with life-like simulated objects in a virtual reality environment to promote learning.  Through the use of a computer, VR/AR glasses and a stylus, the user is able to "pull" objects out of the screen to manipulate them is 360 degree experience.  

     Virtual Keyboard

    Virtual Keyboards or sometimes called projection keyboards,  uses a laser or beam that projects a virtual keyboard onto a level surface.

     An input device specific for a tablet or smartphone allows the user to type as if they were using a real keyboard. 

    A sensor picks up finger movements and the software converts the actions into characters. 

    Great for devices with no physical keyboard or when there is no room for one.  



     Sprout by HP

     Hewlett Packards' (HP) Sprout is an all-in-one camera, projector and touch mat that turns the space between you and your computer into an interactive space.  You are able to scan 3D objects that are placed on the Touch Mat, scan pieces of paper and turn your drawings into digital objects.

     With "quick 3D Capture Capability", objects you hold and rotate in front of its camera are able to be read and scanned into 3D objects on your computer.