Math 0300 - Basic Mathematics

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Whole Numbers

Review Notes Exercises
Introduction to Whole Numbers  Set 1 
Add/Subtract Whole Numbers  Set 2 
Multiply/Divide Whole Numbers  Set 3 
Solving Equations with Whole Numbers  Set 4 
Order of Operations 1  Set 5


Review Notes Exercises
Introduction to Integers  Set 6
Add/Subtract Integers  Set 7 
Multiply/Divide Integers  Set 8 
Solving Equations with Integers  Set 9 
Order of Operations 2 Set 10 


Review Notes Exercises
LCM & GCF  Set 11  
Introduction to Fractions   Set 12 
Multiply/Divide Fractions  Set 13 
Add/Subtract Fractions   Set 14 
Solving Equations with Fractions  Set 15 
Complex Fractions, & Order of Operations  Set 16 


Decimals and Real Numbers

Review Notes Exercises
Introduction to Decimals   Set 17
Decimal Operations  Set 18 
Solving Equations with Decimals  Set 19
Radical Expressions  Set 20
Introduction to Real Numbers  Set 21

Percents, Ratio, Rates, and Proportions

Review Notes Exercises
Introduction to Percents Set 22
Percent Equations Part I  Set 23

Percent Equations Part II 

Set 24
Percent Equations Part III  Set 25
Ratio   Set 26
Rates   Set 27
Proportions Set 28
Percent Problems Proportion Method  Set 29


Statistical Measurements, Unit Conversions, Perimeter and Area

Review Notes Exercises
Statistical Measures Set 30
US Customary Units of Length  Set 31
US Customary Units of Weight  Set 32
US Customary Units of Capacity  Set 33
Metric System Units of Length  Set 34
Metric Units of Mass  Set 35
Metric Units of Capacity Set 36
Conversion Between the US & Metric Systems  Set 37
Plane Geometric Figures-Perimeter  Set 38
Plane Geometric Figures-Area   Set 39


Last Updated: 12/08/2020