The Tutoring Sessi​on: What to Expect

Preparing for a Tutoring Session at the Writing Center

Asynchronous Student Guidelines

Student Resources

Scholarship Essay Writing

Faculty and Staff Resources

Types of Workshops 

  • APA & MLA Workshops
  • Thesis Statements 
  • Coherence and Transitions 
  • Active Voice
  • Most Common Writing Errors
  • Writing Concisely and with Detail
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Editing Your Way to Success
  • Writing for Sciences

Spring 2022 Workshop Schedule

Excellence in Writing Nomination Form

Will be updated asap. Look for this Spring 2022!

In-Class Workshops

As an instructor, you may request any of the following workshops above for an in-class workshop.

To request a workshop, email and include the following:

    1. Name of Workshop 
    2. Date and Time
    3. Building and Class Number or Zoom link
    4. Instructor Name, Email, and Phone number