New Service Work Order

October 4, 2023

Campus Logistics and Risk Management

New Service Work Order Process for College Services-Campus Logistics & Risk Management

College Services – Campus Logistics & Risk Management Team is happy to announce that we have launched a new and improved Service Work Order process this week. This new process will be a part of the Footprints solution that several service departments are using on campus.  This new process will also streamline work order requests for team members within the Campus Logistics and Risk Management Team.  Furthermore, requestor(s) will have the ability to track progress on their request.  To foster quicker service turnaround, you are encouraged to provide ample details on your service request.  In addition, as a part of streamlining efforts, we have updated our SharePoint Site with updated forms and procedures and our Website with useful resource links.

As always, please note that some of your requests require a minimum of 10 business days to complete.  Please contact our department at   for information and assistance.

We look forward to becoming more efficient in our response to you, our clients!