Campus Revitalization Project

Welcome to the Campus Revitalization Project (CRP) webpage!

The Campus Revitalization Project—giving new life to the SAC community—includes the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and various campus beautification and construction projects.

This webpage will provide the latest updates and information related to the College's revitalization efforts.

About the CIP

In May of 2017, Bexar County voters approved a general obligation bond and awarded San Antonio College $83 million to make necessary improvements to current buildings and add new facilities. 

In conjunction with various Campus Beautification Projects led by the Office of the Vice President of College Services, the CIP will provide new construction and renovations to existing buildings.


CIP Timeline


Parking Garage #3 (new construction)
  • The new five-level parking garage, located on the West side of campus, will provide nearly 1,000 parking spots. By re-imagining the current street-level parking in this area, SAC will gain about 500 additional parking spots.
  • Parking Garage #3 is scheduled to open in late Spring 2021. 
Early Childcare Center (new construction)
  • The two new buildings will house the Early Childhood Center and Early Childhood Studies academic program.
  • The beginning Fall 2021.
John L. Santikos Micronauts Center (new construction)
  • The John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation, a fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation (SAAF), awarded San Antonio College a $500,000 grant for the future John L. Santikos Micronauts Center at San Antonio College.
  • The Micronauts program is one of the nation's first 'cradle-to-college' STEM pathways which serves young STEM learners ranging in age from four to nine years old.


Fletcher Administration Center (renovation)
  • The Fletcher Administration Center will be reimagined to become more welcoming and inviting. Renovations will include expanding student services areas and updating the building's ventilation system.
  • Completion is expected in Fall 2021
New Science Building (new construction)
  • This new building will be located between the Nursing & Allied Health Complex and N. Main Ave.
First Responders Academy (new/renovation)
  • This project will replace existing facilities currently used by the First Responders Academy, including portable buildings, and will develop a brand new unified complex for the Law Enforcement and First Responders programs.
Physical Plants (new/renovation)
  • A new physical plant facility will be created at the First Responders Academy in Von Ormy, TX while the physical plant building at SAC will expand to meet the needs of the growing campus.

Campus Beautification Projects

The Office of the Vice President of College Services aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

The Campus Beautification Projects include:

  • First floor Loftin Student Center and Fiesta Room (new furniture)
  • Loftin Student Center (exterior landscaping upgrades)
  • Faculty/Staff Lounge (remodeled with a new deck and pergola)
  • Pocket Community Gardens and Food Forests (see future sites on the SAC Campus Map)
  • Victory Center (landscaping)
  • Library in Moody Learning Center (new furniture)
  • Fletcher Administration Center (bus shelter)
  • Candler Physical Education Center (gym improvements)
  • McAllister Auditorium (interior upgrades to lobby, entrance, restrooms, and classrooms)
  • Chance Academic Center

Street Closures

Street Closures 
(as of December 2018)

  • W. Park Ave. (from San Pedro Ave. to campus) will close indefinitely.


  • Maverick Street (from Evergreen to campus) will close from December 2018 through Spring 2020.


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Parking Lot Closures

Parking Lot Closures
(as of December 2018)

  • Parking Lot #20
  • Parking Lot #21
  • Parking Lot #22


  • N.W. side of Parking Lot #28
  • Parking Lot #29



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VIA Bus Information

There are numerous VIA bus stops located around campus and highlighted on the SAC Campus Map. If you plan to ride the bus, you can use the VIA Metropolitan Transit Plan Your Trip Tool to find the best route for you.

If you would like to use the park and ride at North Star Mall, VIA recommends using Route 3.

Route 3 is a skip service route with only three stops to/from North Start Mall and the SAC campus! The route takes approximately 20 minutes.

Eligible students can get a semester bus pass from the Business Office located in the Fletcher Administration Center (FAC) 2nd floor.

Important Reminders and Tips

Read the Signs

Signage will be placed around campus to help guide you around the construction areas. 

Bike, Rideshare, and Carpool

Consider other alternatives to driving, including riding your bike, carpooling with friends, getting dropped off, or using a rideshare service.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to provide yourself plenty of time to arrive to campus and park.