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All applicants offered admission to a program in the School of Nursing are required to undergo a background check. At the time when the School of Nursing offers admission to the candidate, the School of Nursing submits a roster of those candidates being offered admission to Texas BON. If you are offered admission, instructions regarding how to complete your background check will be included in your conditional acceptance letter.  

If results of the background check are clear, the offer of admission will be considered final if all other admission requirements have been fulfilled. However, if results are not cleared, the offer of admission may be rescinded based on the timeline in resolving any issues. 

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) has legally granted power to deny permission for a candidate to take the NCLEX-RN examination if it is deemed the individual has not demonstrated "good professional character."

The Board may refuse to:  

  • approve persons to take the licensure examination  
  • issue or renew a license or certificate of registration to any individual who has been convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or engaged in conduct resulting in revocation of probation imposed pursuant to such conviction    

At the time when the School of Nursing offers admission to the candidate, the School of Nursing submits a roster of those candidates being offered admission to Texas BON. 

Texas BON will issue a "FAST PASS" originator number to be provided by each candidate to L1 Identity Solutions informing them that Texas BON is requesting the CBC report be sent to Texas BON. Each candidate is responsible for making an appointment with L1 Identity Solutions using the originator number provided to have the fingerprint check completed. Candidates are also required to pay the cost of the background check and finger print scanning. 

Once L1 Identity Solutions has completed the background check, they will submit the results to Texas BON. If the fingerprint scan is rejected for some reason, Texas BON will notify the candidate to request a repeat scan be completed. Otherwise, reports will be submitted to Texas BON in approximately 7 to 10 days. Texas BON will then notify the candidate of the results. Candidates with a clear check will receive a blue card indicating the finding. It is very important for applicants to keep a copy of their blue card for their records and turn in the original to the Nursing Admissions Department as soon as it is received. You will be eligible to enter the program as long as all other required materials have also been received by the Nursing Department Admissions Specialist. 

Candidates who have not been cleared will be notified by Texas BON and asked to submit a petition for a "Declaratory Order." The petition will be reviewed by Texas BON.  In order to comply with the Texas Board of Nursing and affiliated clinical agencies, the candidate will not be admitted into the San Antonio College Nursing Program. The candidate may reapply at the next application period when a backgroundcheck has been cleared by the Texas Board of Nursing. 

Frequently Asked Questions in regards to the Background Checks done through the Board of Nursing can be found on the Texas Board of Nursing site.

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