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Welcome to the San Antonio College Department of Nursing Education Simulation Lab.

Simulation is an exciting new technology that allows nursing students the opportunity to practice patient care in a safe, non-threatening, and controlled environment. San Antonio College’s (SAC) nursing simulation center strives to incorporate innovative learning strategies, to enhance development of communication, collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking skills, and to ultimately, encourage safe and competent patient care for students in the nursing program.


San Antonio College’s simulation center is located in the Nursing and Allied Health Complex (Building #33) on the second floor in room 223. The center’s 10,000 square foot space is a totally self-contained unit. Unlike most simulation centers that have simulation training rooms spread throughout their facility, San Antonio College’s simulation lab occupies the entire south end of the second floor.

About the Simulation Center

The SAC simulation lab is designed to function as a temporary hospital facility in the event of a disaster. The lab’s layout includes sixteen triage or primary care beds, twelve intermediate care beds, four intensive care beds, two pediatric units and two obstetrical units. Each patient room is a stand-alone training facility not divided by one-way mirrors as utilized in other facilities. SAC’s hospital design provides an element of realism not attainable in the majority of healthcare provider simulation centers.

The center also contains two large primary care triage wards or “bays”. In these areas, nursing faculty, with the assistance of technical nurse trainers, lead interactive exercises that encourage nursing skill development. Major labs include IV insertion, tracheostomy and ventilator care, medication administration, wound care, and foundational nursing care. 

Simulation Equipment

The SAC Department of Nursing Education Simulation Lab primarily utilizes the SimMan mannequins. The SimMan affords students a realistic exercise for high fidelity simulations proportionate to the student’s skill level. Each “patient room” is set up as an actual hospital room with the SimMan as the patient.

Each patient room has installed two high resolution cameras and a microphone. The technical nurse trainer or simulation facilitator is located in a control room situated in one of four locations throughout the center and directly listens and observes the student’s practice and skills via camera and headset.

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Stella Cirlos

Nursing & Allied Health Complex, Bldg #33 Suite 378