SAEP Scholarships

SAEP Scholarship Eligibility
SAEP scholarships are awarded at local high schools for students attending San Antonio College and
          1) Graduate from a high school that participates in the SAEP program.
          2) Maintain 95% attendance rate in high school.
          3) Maintain 85% grade average in high school.

SAEP scholarship is limited to five (5) years or eight (8) semesters of undergraduate studies following high school graduation. Scholarship funds are applied to student accounts through the financial aid office. Scholarship must be activated within two semesters of high school graduation or funds will be forfeited. Award amount is based on availability of funding and amount is subject to change. Scholarship may apply for four consecutive semesters at the Alamo Colleges and remaining eligible semesters can be applied at a participating 4-year university.

Requirements to maintain the SAEP scholarship while in college: 
•Enroll in full time coursework (12+ hours).
•Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. 
•Complete 65% of the courses you sign up for each semester.
•Attend workshops and seminars for SAEP Scholarship students.
•Check-in with SAEP College Liaisons each semester.
•Must enroll in consecutive semesters*

*If you stop attending college, you may reactivate your scholarship upon returning to college within a five (5) year period after the initial activation of your scholarship. Contact the college financial aid office or the SAEP College Liaison to reactivate your scholarship.

Amount of scholarship:
San Antonio College: $300 per semester/$600 per year

Amount of transfer scholarship at a participating university 
Funding eligibility depends on how many semesters remain to meet five (5) years or eight (8)-semester limit following high school graduation. Transfer students must inform the financial aid office at the transferring university of the scholarship. Students may use the email award notification as proof of eligibility. 
Public Universities: $425 per semester/$850 per year

Private Universities: $750 per semester/$1500 per year



Additional scholarships available to SAEP recipients:

Dr. Robert Zeigler Recognition Scholarship eligibility
•Current and former recipients of the San Antonio Education Partnership Scholarship
•Enrollment of at least 6 credit hours during Fall/Spring semesters at San Antonio College  (3 hours minimum during Summer semester)
•Student’s home institution must be San Antonio College
•Submit an essay with scholarship application (250 words max)
 Describe your educational, career, and life goals. Discuss your degree/major and why you selected it. Explain how receiving this scholarship will help you achieve your goals.

Qualifying students are notified by email to submit a scholarship application if they meet the following criteria: 
•2.5 or better cumulative GPA 
•100% completion of coursework in semester prior to application
•Financial need (as indicated by your financial aid records). Award amount depends on funding and may be awarded for only one semester per academic year. 

Fall and Spring Awards range from $200-$900
Summer Awards range from $200-$600