What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment is a program that provides access to college-level classes for high school students, while still enrolled in high school, and offers them credit that counts towards high school graduation as well as college completion at the same time. These classes are taught in one of three ways by San Antonio College (SAC) adjunct faculty:
  • On campus at SAC
  • In the high school
  • Online
Can I take college classes if I'm home schooled?
We’d love for you to take advantage of this opportunity as any other student would. Home school students, those of high school age who complete their high school requirements without attending a public or private school, need to complete the application process and meet with an academic advisor before being able to register for college classes at SAC. For assistance, please contact our office: 210-486-0177.
How much is tuition for Dual Credit courses?
Depending on your High School and modality your fee may differ. Please consult with your High School counselor for details.
When does registration begin for Fall/Spring?
For our program we follow a timeline for registration process, we prepare a semester in advance for each term. For fall process begins in January-February. For spring the process begins September-October.
What are the steps to enroll in Dual Credit? Requirements?
Please see our enrollment checklist for the steps.
I never registered for Dual Credit but have a Dual Credit hold can I get it removed?
Please contact our office at 210-486-0177, we can verify enrollment depending on your High School.


Who can I contact for Dual Credit ADVISING?
Please contact via phone- 210-486-0177 or email SAC-HSP@alamo.edu 
You can also contact your High School Counselor to get you connected to your assigned advisor.
What courses can I take while in Dual credit?
Students in dual credit can take the courses in the core curriculum. 
What are the testing requirements to qualify?
Depending on the course student will have to meet college level requirements for testing. Please contact your HS counselor for details specific to the courses offered at your High School.
When is payment due for Dual Credit courses?
Payment for courses depends on your high school and student type please give us a call provide more information specific to you.
What is my banner ID and aces username?
If you are a new student you should receive an email with your ACES username and banner ID. If you have not please call so we can provide you with that information.
How can I access my Dual Credit schedule or course information?
You can view your current enrollment and past coursework through your ACES account. All students also have access to their GPS and can view the information through there as well. GPS is in ACES under the home tab top left box.