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    FYE ExCEL Program

    Our FYE ExCEL program is designed to connect students to campus resources and events. Students will develop a sense of belonging and learn success strategies to navigate their first year of college. 

    1st Year Program Commitments (Students have two semesters or until Spring 2022 to complete)

    - 1 Peer Mentoring Session Each Month [Virtual or In-Person] (Assigned FYE Peer Mentor)
    - 1 FYE Sponsored Social Activities (Fiesta Texas, Bowling, etc.)
    - 4 FYE Workshops/Programs 
    - 3 Career Services Workshops/Programs
    - 4 Engagement Checklists in My SAC Journey (Fully Online)
    Students who meet requirements will be eligible to attend the end of the year FYE dinner and will be awarded FYE gear & a graduation stole voucher. 

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    FYE ExCEL Interest Form

    Interested in becoming a peer mentor?

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My SAC Journey


The My SAC Journey website allows students to access resources and a set of tasks that will provide them with the skillset needed to be successful in their educational journey. Students can utilize this map as a tool to follow in order to help them navigate through the college experience.

This app provides a visual framework for areas that will add value to the overall student experience and marketability.

Access Here

  • Academic Strategies
  • Campus Engagement
  • Career Exploration
  • Civic Engagement
  • Cultural Competency
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Sports & Intramural
First -Gen

First - Generation Student (First -Gen)

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First - Gen students are sometimes the first person in their immediate family to attend any sort of college. More specifically, we define First-Gen as students whose parents did not complete a four-year degree. 

First - Gen Day

Every November 8th, we celebrate the trailblazing work of our first-gen students. Check back with us to see what amazing events we have planned to celebrate.

View Recordings From Previous Years:

2020 First Gen Kickoff Event - Guest Speaker Erika Prosper
2020 First Gen Panel Discussion Event

Faculty/Staff Resources

Fostering Inclusion and Belonging for First-Generation Learners

Alamo Colleges Foundation Website

Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship Application

Things for students to keep in mind:

  • Judges are usually tasked with reading lots of scholarships applications and essays in one sitting.  Keeping that in mind, applicants need to write an essay that will grab the judge's attention.  (Try putting yourself in the judge's shoes and envision how some student essay stories might really get your attention and some might not.)
  • Essay stories vary…and can include:
    • academic plans and career aspirations…
    • attained accomplishments…(personal and civic)
    • where the student’s motivation and influences come from…(positive & upbeat…and/or hardships) 
  • Let the judges get to know who you are from your essay.
  • Invest the time it takes to come up with that one essay that can possibly start receiving various scholarship awards.  Time invested is well worth it when you may be able to use that same essay to apply and win other scholarship awards.
  • For example: if you spent 3 hours working on a scholarship essay…and you happen to receive a $1500 award, you just made $500 an hour!  And if that same essay is used and receives other organizations’ scholarships, the time invested in working on your essay just got higher in monetary value.
  • Some of the essay content may need to be tweaked from time to time, depending on the different organization's scholarship essay requirements.
  • Always follow the different organizations’ scholarship application requirements closely to at least get your scholarship application considered.
  • Create your personal scholarship application spreadsheet with the scholarship name and the deadlines for each
    • Start applying and keep a record of your application date
  • It is best to have your essays reviewed before submitting the final.  Read your essay out loud to yourself to hear how it sounds…but also have it read by someone you feel confident will provide you with a good essay critique.  The SAC Writing Center is a good resource too.