Upcoming Trainings

Faculty Student Mentoring Program Spring 2019 Events Calendar

During the semester there will be several events to help equip the Faculty Student Mentor with more information to better mento our SAC students. We will be hosting several trainings, lunch & Learn events along with a few special events. There will be multiple opportunities to get hands-on experience to become familiar with or learn more about the systems that are in place to help the Faculty Student Mentor have better knowledge and usage of those systems. Below you will find the calendar of upcoming events.


Spring 2019 Schedule:  Printable Calendar





Faculty Student Mentor Program Upcoming Events


Jan 16th


MCFA 130


What is a Faculty Student Mentor?

Understanding what this program is and isn’t and


Esther Pais

Feb 8th

12 – 1PM

MCFA 130

Lunch & Learn: Student Advocacy Center

Join us for a discussion about what the Student Advocacy Center is doing this semester and resources available on our campus and in the community.

Lisa Black

Feb 27th

3 – 4:30 PM

VAC 120

Meet & Greet: Mentors & Advisors

Faculty Mentors and Advisors are invited to come together to meet each other and share what they are doing in their respective areas in order to cultivate a strong collaborative relationship.

Christina Horton & Esther Pais


Mar 7th

3:30 – 4:30 PM

VAC 212

Scenario Based Training Faculty mentors are paired with student volunteers to address the real situations/needs of the student. Afterwards, both mentors and students discuss how they felt about the approach and process. This is a powerful way to get both perspectives of both the mentor and the student.

Dehlia Wallis & Tom Cox

Mar 29th

12 – 1PM

MCFA 130

Lunch & Learn: Financial Aid

Our mentees have questions regarding the process of Financial Aid. This is our chance to learn more about the types of conversations we need to have with them regarding this important information.

Monica Tobon-Ramirez

Apr 24th

3 – 4:30PM

VAC 120


Celebrating the Faculty Mentors:

Faculty members come together to enjoy a fruitful semester as faculty mentors. A chance to meet other mentors, share highlights and enjoy some down time with colleagues and refreshments. You deserve a thank you!







Lunch & Learn Series Topics

Friday's 12-1pm

Causal informational forums where mentors come together to discuss and understand topics that are relevant to the faculty mentor. 

Join Us To Explore:  Mentoring International Students:   Discussion the guidelines and needs of international students. 


Join Us To Explore:  Mentoring Veteran Students:   Discussion about the guidelines and needs of Veteran Students. 


Join Us To Explore:  Mentoring Students Dealing with Food and Housing Insecurities:   Discussion about the resources available on our campus and in the community.


Join Us To Explore:  How to Communicate Marketable Skills in Arts &  Sciences:  Discussion about how to show students and translate their marketable skills competency in these two areas.