SAC Advocacy Center Hands Out 10,000 Pounds of Food

July 12, 2018

Russell Guerrero

There was a beehive of activity at the SAC Victory Center’s new parking lot. Beginning at 10 a.m., several cars snaked around the lot to an area bustling with volunteers. As the cars pulled up, the volunteers loaded the vehicles with an array of groceries including potatoes, bread, beans, Spam, watermelon, and frozen pizzas.

It was all part of the first food fair at San Antonio College organized by the Student Advocacy Center, which provided more than 10,000 pounds of food donated by the San Antonio Food Bank. 

According to Lisa Black, Associate Professor and Social Work Program Coordinator, who is also in charge of the center, summer can be a tough time for people who are food insecure. Within the first hour, more than 50 families had already been served and by 1 p.m. all supplies were exhausted. 

The fair, which was opened to the community, specifically targeted student veterans and was therefore hosted at the newly-opened SAC Victory Center. Volunteers from SACMEN, Bae-B-Safe, the Victory Center, and the Women’s Center joined with social work interns from local colleges to gather up all the groceries and load them into each car. Even Dr. Robert Vela, President of SAC, stopped by to help deliver groceries to the families who showed up. 

According to Black, there will be more food fairs during the summer, in part because the Advocacy Center will be closed for about a month as it moves to a larger home on campus. For more information about the upcoming move or to find out specifics about the upcoming food fairs, please contact Pamela Frias at

In addition to the summer food fairs, veterans can take advantage of the upcoming Vets Resource Fair which will be held on campus on Friday, August 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the SAC Victory Center. 

The resource fair will provide veterans information on the following resources:

  • VA Whole Health Programming
  • Operation Comfort
  • Endeavors Cohen Military Family Clinic
  • VA Suicide Prevention Team
  • PTSA Foundation of America