SAC Holds Ribbon Cutting for Enhancements to Campus

May 3, 2019

Russell Guerrero - Public Information Officer

On the morning before spring commencement, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in the President’s Office to mark small but important improvements to the San Antonio College campus. The ceremony was for three ideas that students and staff brought to Dr. Robert Vela, president of SAC, and to the college executive team. Dr. Vela, in turn, not only approved the requests but made sure each one was completed by the end of the academic year.

The first addition to campus was for water fountains that would be for both students and service animals. Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the international honors society, met with Dr. Vela on coming up with a project to support veterans and they agreed on the water fountains. Aaron Carrico, president of PTK, said he was grateful that once the fountains were approved, they were installed in just a matter of months.

“We, as student leaders, feel we are heard on campus and empowered to do things,” said Carrico.

The second addition to SAC was organized be the Student Government Association (SGA). Mario Lopez, president of SGA, said the group proposed water dispensers for reusable bottles. “We wanted to get greener as a campus,” said Lopez.

Two water stations have now been installed in the Loftin Student Center. To promote their use, SGA will be handing out refillable water bottles to students at the beginning of next semester. The bottles include a bar code sticker that, when scanned by a phone app, will provide clean water to those in need.

The third addition to campus is a new VIA bus shelter for disabled riders. The proposal came from SAC staff member Amory Irby. She brought it to Dr. Vela’s attention that students and staff did not have a covered area to wait for a bus.

Dr. Vela promised that a shelter would be built and it is now available for use in the front of the Fletcher Administration Center. “I love it. It keeps us from the elements and I am very happy,” said Irby.

Dr. Vela said he was delighted to hear from students and employees on how to make SAC even better. “It’s important to focus on these little things that our students can really benefit from and show we care about all students and their concerns and needs,” said Dr. Vela.