2019 SAC Winter Semester

October 27, 2019

SAC Public Relations

Wintermester is here! 

College students who are home for the holidays or simply want to get a head start on the Spring semester now have a chance to get a few extra credits during SAC’s new Wintermester. 

This new three-week term will offer an array of courses including English, Humanities, Math, and more!

All courses will be conducted online.


Term Dates

Start Date: Monday, December 16, 2019

End Date: Friday, January 3, 2020


Available Courses

The following courses will be offered during the 2019 Wintermester term:

Beginning College Recommendations:

Subject/Course Course Title # of sections
EDUC 1300  Learning Frameworks 3 Sections



Subject/Course Course Title # of sections
ASTR 1303           Stars and Galaxies Lecture  1 Section
BIOL 2306             Environmental Biology (Lecture)  1 Section
CRIJ 1301     Introduction to Criminal Justice  1 Section
DANC 2303  Dance Appreciation  1 Section
DRAM 1310          Introduction to Theater- Theater Appreciation   1 Section
ENGL 1301  Composition I 3 Sections
ENGL 1302 Composition II 3 Sections
GOVT 2305  Federal Government Sections
GOVT 2306  Texas Government Sections
HIST 1301  United States History I Sections
HIST 1302  United States History II Sections
HUMA 1301          Introduction to Humanities I  1 Section
MATH 1314  College Algebra                   Sections
MATH 1332  Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning) Sections
MATH 1442  Elementary Statistical Methods  Sections
MUSI 1310  American Music  1 Section

PHIL 2306 

 Ethics 1 Section
PSYC 2301   General Psychology  1 Section
SOCI 1301  Introduction to Sociology  Sections
Speech 1311  Introduction to Speech Communication Sections



 Subject/Course  Course Title # of sections 
 BUSG 2309   Small Business Management  1 Section
 CMSW 1327  Treatment Modalities with Special Populations   1 Section
 CRIJ 2328   Police Systems and Practices  1 Section
 CRTR 1291   Special Topics in Court Reporting/Court Reporter  1 Section
 ENGL 2311   Technical Writing  1 Section
 IBUS 1305   Introduction to International Business and Trade  1 Section
 ITAL 1411   Elementary Italian I 1 Section 
 MDCA 1313   Medical Terminology  1 Section
 MRKG 1301   Customer Relations  1 Section
PSYC 2314     Lifespan Growth and Development   1 Section
SDEV 0171*  Strategies for Success 3 Sections
 SLNG 1391  Special Topics in Sign Language Interpreting   1 Section

*for students on academic dismissal


Who Can Register 

Any student who is eligible to register for classes for the Spring 2020 term can register to take courses during the Wintermester term.


How To Register

Students will register for Wintermester courses via ACES, the student portal.

A maximum of one Wintermester course is allowed per student. 


Registration Deadline

The deadline to register for Wintermester courses is Sunday, December 8, 2019.

Students who register for a Wintermester course December 10 through December 14 must pay the same day to avoid being dropped.


Paying for Wintermester

Wintermester classes will be billed as part of Spring 2020.  

The payment due date is December 15, 2019. Any registration after December 15 at 1:00pm, is same day pay.



The last day to withdraw in person without a financial obligation (100%) refund is December 13, 2019.


Wintermester Technology Support

Students may contact IT for help at 210-486-0030 from 8am-5pm or they can contact the District help line.

Technology Support is available to faculty during the winter semester.
Click here to learn more.


Wintermester Advisors

Advisors will be on campus and will be available to assist students with wintermester issues during the first three days of class: December 16-18. After campus closes on December 19, students with advising questions that are related to their wintermester courses may email: sac-advising@alamo.edu. An advisor will reply to wintermester emails on the following days: Monday 12/23, Thursday 12/26 and Monday 12/30. Advisors will return to work when campus reopens on Thursday, January 2 and will prioritize any phone calls and/or emails they have received from students that are related to wintermester classes.


Wintermester Academic (Tutoring) Support

Online Tutoring through Brainfuse:


Online Tutoring through the Student Learning Assistance Center:
Online Tutoring support is available by emailing sac-slac@alamo.edu.  Please provide the following information – Your Full Name, Banner ID #, course needing tutoring in, and your alamo email address.


Library Resources

We have library resources for you this winter semester. Click here to learn more.


Have Questions?

Contact the Office of the Deans for Academic Success at 210-486-0915.