Scholarships Available for Undocumented Students

December 8, 2020

Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications


National scholarship help is available from TheDream.US organization for Dreamers who came to the United States before Nov. 1, 2015. The national scholarship award is for college or high school students who have DACA, TPS, and otherwise meet DACA eligibility criteria.

The scholarship will cover tuition and fees to a maximum of $16,500 for an associate degree and $33,000 for a bachelor’s degree at one of more that 70 partner colleges. SAC is college partner of TheDream.US program. Some recipients will also receive an additional $1,000 per year for books, supplies, and transportation.

Applications close Feb. 25, 2021. For more information and to apply, visit

For additional questions, contact Melissa Flores-Valencia at or Bertha Castellanos at