Register and Secure Classes for $21 by July 14

July 6, 2020

SAC Marketing & Strategic Communications

Register and Secure Classes for $21 by July 14

Register for classes by Tuesday, July 14, and have your tuition divided up into five payments for the Fall 2020 semester. Your first payment will be determined by the date you register. Register by July 14 and your first payment will only be $21. The second payment will be due Wednesday, July 15. After July 14, students will pay $21 plus second payment at the same time.

When are payments due for Payment Plan 1-Fall 16 Week, Flex l, Start ll?
  • Second payment due Wednesday, July 15, for 15% of tuition.
  • Third payment due Aug. 15 for 15% of tuition.
  • Fourth payment due Sept. 15 for 35% of tuition
  • Fifth payment due Oct. 15 for 35% of tuition
How do I set up a Payment Plan?
  • Login to ACES, Student Tab, Web Services
  • Student, Student Account, Make a Payment
  • Virtual Business Office
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan, Select Plan, Select Term
  • Continue, Display Schedule
  • Set Up Auto Payment- Select YES or NO
  • Continue, Select Payment Method, Agree to Terms
  • Print Agreement, Continue to Finalize
Helpful Info
  • If you are selected for Financial Aid verification, a payment plan can secure your classes until you’ve been awarded. If your award is approved and is enough to cover your tuition, you will be reimbursed.
  • Enrollment for Payment Plan 1 closes Aug. 31
  • A $10 late fee will be accessed if your 2nd – 5th payment plan payments are late. You will not be dropped from your classes once you are on the payment plan.
  • Payment Plan 2 for Fall Flex II will open Sept. 1.

For more information e-mail or call 210-21-Alamo.