SAC Faculty and Staff Honored with NISOD Excellence Awards

April 30, 2021

Russell Guerrero - Strategic Communications Coordinator

The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), an organization which provides high-quality, faculty-focused programs and resources for community and technical colleges, has announced the winners of their annual Excellence Awards. This year’s honorees include 10 faculty and staff members from San Antonio College.

NISOD Winners 2.jpgSince 1991, NISOD has recognized community and technical college faculty, administrators, and staff for their extraordinary achievements and contributions to their institutions. In addition, the Excellence Awards acknowledges the contributions the honorees have made in the lives of students and the work they have done in their communities.

Each year, NISOD invites affiliated colleges to submit the names of administrators, faculty, and staff who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and contribution to both students and colleagues. 

The awards announcement was made as part of NISOD’s annual International Conference on Teaching and Learning Excellence held in April. Due to the pandemic, NISOD is also recognizing the winners for 2020 as well.

SAC NISOD winners 2021:

  • Justin Blacklock Instructor – Speech Communication
  • Ann Coldwater Assistant Professor – Early Childhood Studies
  • Ester Coronado Coordinator Strategic Planning – IPPE
  • Savithra Eratne Director Institutional Research – IPPE
  • La-Keisha Harrell College Budge Officer – College Budget Office
  • Sobia Khan Dean – Academic Success
  • Sabrina Macal-Polasek Team Leader – Student Enrichment Center
  • Mary Mena Interim Chair – Fine Arts/ Faculty – Mortuary Science
  • Deborah Middleton Senior Coordinator – Empowerment Center
  • Alma Niño             Team Lead – Outreach & Recruitment

SAC NISOD Winners 2020:

  • Patrice Ballard Coordinator – International Students
  • Beatrice Canales Academic Unit Assistant – MESSH
  • Phillip Casarez Certified Academic Advisor
  • Bertha Castellanos Certified Academic Advisor
  • Thomas Clarkin Professor – History
  • Janae Johnson Director – College Services
  • Paula McKenna Professor – Mathematics
  • Dan Melgoza Manager – Marketing & Strategic Communications
  • Meredith Miller Director – Eco Centro
  • Karlerik “Erik” Naslund Measurement and Evaluation Analyst -               Institutional Research