And the Winner Is….

May 13, 2021

Russell Guerrero - Strategic Communications Coordinator

It’SAC Armadillo 2.jpgs official, San Antonio College will be the home of the Armadillos! After months of taking recommendations and several rounds of voting, the Armadillo has been chosen as the new SAC mascot.

It has been a long campaign to choose the Armadillo, going back to last year, when students, faculty, staff, and alumni formed a committee to find a new mascot for SAC.

An initial call for recommendations for a new mascot was sent to the SAC community and 360 suggestions were submitted for consideration, with 170 unique ideas.

The Mascot Committee tallied up the most popular recommendations and vetted them to make sure they fit established guidelines. A top 10 list of potential mascots was created and emails were sent to the SAC community to vote on their favorite.

Then it came down to the top three: the Armadillos, the Scorpions, and the Stars. Students and alumni were sent emails for another round of voting to make their final pick.

Final voting closed Monday, May 10, and, in the end, the Armadillo received 55 percent of the vote. The new mascot in its shiny shell had been crowned.

“Our committee has worked diligently over the past several months to ensure a fair process that would result in a great mascot of which our SAC community can be proud, and we were definitely able to accomplish that,” said Christina Horton, director of Strategic Initiatives in the President’s Office, who chaired the SAC Mascot Committee.

She added, “we are honored to have been part of this historic process, and we look forward to welcoming the SAC Armadillo to our campus this fall!”

There is still much work to be done. SAC will work with a design firm to come up with a unique look for the SAC Armadillo, including a new costume and an image to use on SAC giveaways such as T-shirts, cups, pens, and more.

The SAC community will officially welcome the Armadillo to campus at the start of the Fall Semester.

Until then, #GoSACArmadillos.