SAC Announces New Name for Student Newspaper

May 9, 2024

Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications

The San Antonio College newspaper has a new name.

After 95 years of being called The Ranger, the publication - now exclusively online - will be known as The Sundial. The name reflects the role of journalism to shed light on newsmaking events.

The name was chosen after a contest was held during the Spring 2024 semester. SAC students, faculty, and staff were asked to send in their ideas for the newspaper.

Journalism and Photography Program Coordinator Jim Dalglish, who oversaw the contest and served on the selection committee, concealed the identities of those who submitted to the contest before forwarding the list of 252 proposed names for initial review.  

selection committee, composed of four student editors and three faculty members (including Dalglish), highlighted 10 finalists and forwarded them to an advising committee made up of professional journalists who studied journalism at SAC and served on the staff of The Ranger.

The advising committee then whittled the list down to five names and sent it back to the selection committee, which vetted the names until a final selection was made.

The Sundial was proposed by journalism and photography professor Ethan Rocke, who was a member of the selection committee.

“A sundial harnesses the sun’s light to tell time, informing and empowering people,” explained Rocke. “This function symbolically reflects the crucial role of journalists to illuminate truth in a free society.” 

According to the guidelines created for the contest, selection committee members were eligible to submit names for the newspaper and two members entered submissions.

Plans will begin in the summer to have an official rollout of the new online newspaper in Fall 2024.

You can read SAC student news online at

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