Faculty FAQs

Why can I not return to the classroom?

The health and wellness of students and staff of Alamo Colleges District is our highest priority. Out of an abundance of caution, the Alamo Colleges District has made some temporary changes to the way we provide instruction and operate in light of the growing concerns related to the coronavirus.


The Alamo Colleges District leadership has been following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and San Antonio Metro Health to ensure we are minimizing the risk of exposure on our campuses. For the latest updates, visit the District 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page.

Do I still have to teach at the same time and same place?

Yes. San Antonio College is committed to doing everything possible to ease students’ transition from on-site classes to remote learning. Due to the challenges many students may have with the online format, faculty can reduce the stress on students when faculty mirror their class meetings in Zoom to the original face-to-face meeting times. It also allows students to have live access to faculty and maintain their established schedules for work and home.

Can I cancel the rest of my classes?

No. As announced by Alamo Colleges District and Dr. Vela, classes will resume on March 23 through remote teaching and learning via Canvas LMS.

Where do I go for technology support? Who can help me?

Visit the Technology Support webpage for all technology related support.

How do I set up my office telephone so that I still receive my calls?

Visit the Technology Support webpage for steps on how to set up your phone.

What support do I have for continuing to deliver my class?

There are multiple resources available for faculty. Please visit Faculty Remote Ready webpage for support for all faculty to continue instruction remotely.

(Step 1) Faculty can begin preparations at any time. (Step 2) Faculty should communicate with their students prior to the start of class on March 23rd and to use the provided template emailed from the VP on what to communicate to their students, and then (Step 3) teach remote. Always refer to the San Antonio College website and the Alamo Colleges District website for official information on emergency preparedness. For official information on the Coronavirus and any responses by the Alamo Colleges District and its member Colleges, please check this site for updates.

What if a course doesn’t easily transfer to technology-based learning, such as labs, performance, fieldwork, and research?

Online resources and virtual tools might help replicate the experience of some labs. Check with your textbook publisher or sites such as Merlot or Skills Commons for materials that might help replace parts of your teaching.

  • Publisher materials and OER
  • Virtual labs
  • Recorded demonstrations
  • Simulations

Consult with your Chair, Dean or professional organizations that you belong to regarding tips and resources for remote/online teaching and learning.

Am I allowed to change my syllabus in response to this situation?

Yes. Modifications are expected. But, make sure any changes to assignments or assessments do not compromise the students’ ability to successfully complete the course SLOs.

If a student is unable to access course materials or participate in the remote instruction, for instance, due to technology limitations, what options are available?

As students may be experiencing a range of challenges with the transition and access to technology we want to empower faculty to be flexible and creative in meeting students’ needs. So consider nontraditional methods and understand some students may need to gain information through email or a phone call if there is no access to technology.

Designated parking lot hotspots are available for students to access campus Wi-Fi. Programs are available to bridge the digital divide by providing students low-cost internet service. Direct students to the Low-Cost Internetweb page for more information.

Do I need to take attendance?

Yes. All your course policies should be followed, including attendance. But, be flexible and patient with students. Work with students on a case-by-case basis if they experience challenges that prevent them from attending Zoom class meetings. Work with your Department Chair to address specific student concerns.

How do I use Zoom, Canvas, Office 365?

For detailed instructions on using your free Alamo Colleges Zoom account, visit the Faculty Remote Ready and Remote Toolkit web pages.

Where can I get help identifying or using the technology I would need for remote delivery of my class?

For detailed instructions on using the technology, visit the Faculty Remote Ready and Remote Toolkit web pages.

What if I don’t have access to the technology I need to deliver my class remotely?

If you need technology to deliver class instruction, reach out to the Alamo Colleges Help Desk (210) 485-0555 or the SAC Help Desk (210) 486-0777. You can also submit a Submit a service work order through the Service Management Solution – Footprints.

What if the technology doesn’t work, and I cannot teach my class?

Improvise. We encourage creativity and problem solving to best teach students in these challenging times. Reach out to your colleagues for support and advice. Please visit the Teaching with Technology resource page and Faculty Remote Ready for additional support.

How do we monitor test security?

Use the Respondus Lockdown Browser for exams or quizzes, as well as other Canvas tools.

Can I change how performance in my class is assessed?

Yes. Modifications are expected. But, make sure any changes to assignments or assessments do not compromise the students’ ability to successfully complete the course SLOs. Also, be mindful of extenuating circumstances for students as they complete their course work.

What if a student wants to drop the course?

Students should contact their professor or academic advisor for assistance with dropping a class.

Will the Library be open?

No. But, all library resources are available 24/7 online. Librarians are available for library instruction, Zoom, phone, chat and email. Visit the Library web page to contact a librarian.

Will the Mega Lab be open so that I can use a computer and internet?

No. The College building is closed but designated parking lot hotspots are available for students and employees to access campus Wi-Fi. Everyone is encouraged to stay in vehicles and practice social distancing. Directional signage will guide you to the locations.

Will my students be able to receive tutoring?

Yes. Online tutoring is available 24/7 through multiple platforms, including regular tutors and faculty tutors. Students should access the Tutoring Services web page.

Academic Accommodations

If a student has an accommodation from disABILITY Support Services, do I have to do anything different for them?

Yes. Students approved for accommodations through dSS will continue to receive their accommodations. At times, however, specific accommodations may not transition equitably to an online format. Contact Director of dSS Jennifer Alvizo, jalvizo2@alamo.edu if you have questions related to a specific accommodation.

What if a student is having difficulty fully accessing materials online? Can dSS students update their accommodations?

Yes. Accommodations arranged for face-to-face courses may not be applicable or compatible with instruction occurring in an online environment. Students having difficulty accessing course content due to the change in format should contact their dSS advisor for additional support and/or to request additional accommodations.

Can students register with dSS if they have not already?

Yes. We understand that some students with disabilities may have elected to not register their disability previously with dSS and may wish to do so at this time. Students can set up an intake appointment at the dSS web page.

How do I ensure that I am getting emergency communications from District?

The Alamo Colleges District is committed to the safety and security of our educational community. We encourage you to sign up, confirm and/or update your Rave notification preferences to ensure you receive emergency messaging.

Can I come on campus for enrollment management?

No. The College will be closed to all employees and students during the time that we are working remotely.

What if I am sick? What if I am required to self-quarantine according to District guidelines? If I am self-quarantined, can I change my class meeting schedule?

Follow your usual protocol and contact your Department Chair. If you need extended leave, please contact Human Resources.