Spring 2021 Semester Plan

Due to the surge of local COVID-19 cases and to ensure the safety of students and employees, Alamo Colleges will go to Level 5 of the COVID Response plan.

For SAC, this means the following:

  • All employees will return to work remotely on Monday, January 4.
  • There will be no face-to-face instruction on campus until Monday, February 15. This includes CTE courses and the First Responders Academy in Von Ormy.
  • Faculty who were scheduled to teach on campus in Spring 2021 should look at their back-up plans for remote delivery and upon return, work with their Chair and Deans to implement these plans.
  • There will be no Student Success personnel or services onsite until Monday, February 15. This includes the health clinic.
  • All student services will be virtual beginning January 4.
  • Laptop distribution will begin Thursday, January 7.
  • Bookstore curbside services will begin Thursday, January 7.

Please note that the proposed return to campus date of February 15 is tentative. Incident Command will meet on February 4 to make relevant decisions on how to proceed, based on the pandemic conditions at that time. As always, we will respond to the guidance of city, county, state, and CDC with safety as our foremost concern. 


Financial Help for Early Childhood Care

The early childhood program has funds from a Department of Education CCAMPIS grant to help pay for childcare for students with children from six-months to five-years.

Students enrolled in CTE programs can apply for the CCAMPIS grant to help pay for off-campus care at select accredited early childhood programs. Through the grant, parents enrolled in the program will only have to pay $15 - $20 per week for childcare. The grant is open to other SAC students with young children as well.

To remain eligible for the grant, students must complete these requirements:

  • Earn grades of C or higher in all courses 
  • Maintain enrollment in a minimum of nine credit hours 
  • Check ACES email on a daily basis 
  • Attend three scheduled parent workshops 
  • Meet with child’s teacher 
  • Complete four volunteer hours 
  • Meet all required deadlines for submitting documentation  

To apply for the grant, click here.

Need Help Enrolling?

Admissions and Enrollment

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us @ Sac-outreach@alamo.edu, or catch us on LiveChat located on the bottom right of this page, or call us at 210-486-0040 or text us at 210-201-3359

Virtual Welcome Center

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 10am-3pm


Email: sac-outreach@alamo.edu
Call: 210-212-5266
Text: (210) 201-3359 

For questions regarding AlamoPROMISE: sac-promise@alamo.edu.


  • Remote Learning or Synchronous Instruction: The same as a standard course only on Zoom. Students will log-in during class hours and be lectured face-to-face with an instructor digitally. Canvas and additional remote-access tools may be used.

  • Online or Asynchronous Instruction: A traditional, fully-distanced, online course. Students will have a series of tasks or modules to complete each week but may do so on their own time. Online courses are delivered entirely on Canvas, though they may use additional online tools.

  • On-Campus: Limited in-person, face-to-face, instruction. On-campus courses will be limited to specific programs as identified by the college.