Procedures Manual

The numbering sequence of procedures in each functional area reflects the order they were added to the manual and does not denote a conceptual relationship of one procedure to the next.

See Alamo Colleges District Board Policies D.1.1 Compliance with Policies and ProceduresExcerpt from Board Policy D.1.1: “To the extent that any practices, procedures, handbooks, or similar statements of rules or policies conflict with the policies and procedures in this manual [Alamo Colleges District Board Policies], the policies and procedures in this manual shall control.” 


Section C: Business and Support Services

C.1.1 Financial Ethics and Accountability (Policy) (PDF)

    C.1.1.1 Financial Ethics and Accountability (Procedure)  (PDF)

C.1.2 Audit Services (Policy) (PDF)

     C.1.2.1 Internal Audit Protocol (Procedure) (PDF)

C.1.3 Appropriations and Revenue Sources (Policy)   (PDF)

     C.1.3.1 Donations and Grants from Private Sources (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.3.2 Sale of Surplus College District Real Estate (Procedure)   (PDF) 

     C.1.3.3 Facilities Use (Procedure)  (PDF)

     C.1.3.4 Depository of Funds (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.3.Ex.A Resolution to Continue to Tax Freeport Goods (Exhibit) (PDF)

     C.1.3.Ex.B Resolution to Tax Tangible Personal Property in Transit (Exhibit) (PDF)

    C.1.3.3.Ex.A Facilities Rental Fee Exception (Exhibit) (PDF)

C.1.4 Budget (Policy) (PDF)

     C.1.4.1 Annual Operating Budget (Procedure) (PDF)

C.1.5 Purchasing and Acquisitions (Policy)   (PDF)

    C.1.5.1 Purchasing Authority (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.5.2 Small, Minority Women and Veteran Owned Business Enterprise Program (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.5.3 Procurement Card Purchases (Procedure)   (PDF)

C.1.6 Enterprise Risk Management (Policy)  (PDF)

     C.1.6.1 Liability Insurance: Employees (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.6.2 Workers' Compensation (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.6.3 Safety Program: Responsibilities (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.6.4 Transportation Management (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.1.6.5 Left Blank Intentionally 

C.1.7 Investments (Policy) (PDF)

     C.1.7.F Texas Public Funds Investment Act Certification by Dealer (Form)  (PDF)

C.1.8 Intellectual Property (Policy) (PDF)

     C.1.8.1 Intellectual Property (Procedure) (PDF)

C.1.9 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Policy) (PDF)

    C.1.9.1 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Procedure) (PDF)

C.1.10 Tax Abatements and Tax Increment Financing (Policy) (PDF)

     C.1.10.F Application for Tax Abatement (Form) (PDF)

C.1.11 Accounting for Capital Assets (Policy) (PDF)

     C.1.11.1 Accounting for Capital Assets (Procedure) (PDF) 

C.2.1 Environmental Health and Safety (Policy)  (PDF)

     C.2.1.1 Evacuation Plans (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.1.2 Open Flames and Portable Space Heaters (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.1.3 Animals on College District Property (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.1.4 Temporary Food Establishments (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.1.5 Left Blank Intentionally

     C.2.1.6 Heat Stress (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.1.7 First Aid and Over-the-Counter-Medicine (Procedure) (PDF)

    C.2.1.8 Holiday Decorations (Procedure) (PDF)

     Environmental Health and Safety Plan (PDF)

C.2.2 Police and Security (Policy) (PDF)

     C.2.2.1 Police Department Standard Operating Procedures (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.2.2 Traffic and Parking Controls (Procedure) (PDF)

C.2.3 Facilities and Grounds Management (Policy) (PDF)

     C.2.3.1 Preventive Maintenance (Procedure)  (PDF)

     C.2.3.2 Environmental Protection (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.3.3 Naming of College District Property (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.3.3.F Recommendation for the Naming of Alamo Colleges Property (Form) (PDF)

     C.2.3.4 Construction Management (Procedure) (PDF)

C.2.4 Records Management (Policy) (PDF)

     C.2.4.1 Records Management (Procedure) (PDF)

C.2.5 Auxiliary Enterprises (Policy) (PDF)

C.2.6 Mail Services and College District Addresses (Policy) (PDF)

C.2.7 Equipment/Property Management (Policy) (PDF)

     C.2.7.1 Use of College District Equipment, Supplies and Personnel (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.7.2 Communication Device Assignments and Allowances (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.7.3 Disposal of Alamo Colleges District Property (Procedure) (PDF)

     C.2.7.3.Ex Surplus Disposal Flowchart (Exhibit) (PDF)

     C.2.7.4 Property Management: Inventory Control (Procedure) (PDF)

C.2.8 Purchase or Acquisition of Art for New Construction Projects (Policy)  (PDF)

C.2.9 Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement (Policy) (PDF)

     C.2.9.1 Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement (Procedure) (PDF)

C.2.10 Official Functions (Policy) (PDF)

     C.2.10.1 Official Functions (Procedure) (PDF)

C.2.11 Legal Services (Policy) (PDF)

    C.2.11.1 Review and Approval of Agreements (Procedure) (PDF)

    C.2.11.1.Ex Contract Cover Memo (Exhibit) (PDF)

    C.2.11.2 Contract Signing Authority (Procedure) (PDF)

    C.2.11.3 Digital Signatures (Procedure)   (PDF)

C.2.12 Emergency Management (Policy) (PDF)

    Emergency Operations Plan (PDF)

C.2.13 Smoking Education Program (Policy) (PDF)

C.3.1 Debt Management (Policy) (PDF)

      C.3.1.1 Debt Management: Post Issuance Compliance (Procedure)   (PDF)

      C.3.1.2 Debt Management Post Pricing Calls with Syndicate Members (Procedure) (PDF)

Section D: Personnel

D.1.1 Compliance with Policies and Procedures (Policy) (PDF)

D.2.1 Left Blank Intentionally (PDF)

          D.2.1.1 Left Blank Intentionally (PDF)

D.2.2 Hiring Practices (Policy) (PDF)

          D.2.2.1 Hiring Practices (Procedure) (PDF)

D.2.3 Qualifications for Hire (Policy) (PDF)

         D.2.3.1 Criminal History Background Checks and Drug Testing (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.3.2 Faculty and Department Chair Positions (Procedure)  (PDF)

          D.2.3.3 Faculty Members' Use of English (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.3.4 Pre-Employment Screening for Controlled Substances (Procedure)  (PDF)

D.2.4 Nepotism, Conflicts of Interest (Policy)  (PDF)

          D.2.4.1 Nepotism (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.4.2 Conflicts of Interest (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.4.2.F Conflicts of Interest Affidavits (Form) (PDF)

          D.2.4.3 Conflicts of Interest: Assignments and Outside Activities (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.4.4 Conflicts of Interest: Group Travel (Procedure) (PDF)

D.2.5 Hiring Authority, Status, Assignments and Duties (Policy) (PDF)

          D.2.5.1 Hiring Authority, Status, Assignments and Duties (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.5.2 Staffing Review (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.5.3 Position Elimination, Realignment and Reassignment (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.5.4 Full-Time Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty Relocation Between Colleges (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.2.5.5 Faculty Tenure Process (Procedure) (PDF)

         D.2.5.6. Peak Workload Scheduling (Procedure)  (PDF)

D.2.6 Telecommuting (Policy) (PDF)

          D.2.6.1 Telecommuting (Procedure) (PDF)

D.2.7 Employee Licensure, Registration and Certification Requirements (Policy) (PDF)

         D.2.7.1 Employee Licensure, Registration and Certification Requirements (Procedure)  (PDF)

D.3.2 Protection from Retaliation (Policy) (PDF)

          D.3.2.1 College District Protection from Retaliation (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.3.2.2 Statutory Whistleblower Protection (Procedure) (PDF)

D.3.3 Employee Complaints (Policy) (PDF)

          D.3.3.1 Employee Complaints (Procedure) (PDF)

D.3.4 Freedom of Association (Policy) (PDF)

D.3.5 Academic Freedom and Responsibilities (Policy) (PDF)

D.4.3 Personal Appearance and Uniforms (Policy) (PDF)

          D.4.3.1 Personal Appearance and Uniforms (Procedure) (PDF)

D.4.4 Attendance and Punctuality (Policy)  (PDF)

D.4.5 Left Blank Intentionally  (PDF)

          D.4.5.1 Left Blank Intentionally (PDF)

D.4.6 Prevention and Reporting of Workplace Violence and Abuse of Minors (Policy) (PDF)

          D.4.6.1 Workplace Violence (Procedure) (PDF)

D.4.7 Drugs and Alcohol-Free Workplace and Schools (Policy) (PDF)

          D.4.7.1 Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.4.7.1.Ex Notice of Drug-Free Workplace Requirements (Exhibit) (PDF)

D.4.8 Communicable Diseases (Policy) (PDF)

         D.4.8.1 Communicable Diseases (Procedure) (PDF)

D.4.9 Conduct Constituting Moral Turpitude (Policy) (PDF)

D.4.10 Faculty Code of Professional Ethics (Policy) (PDF)

           D.4.10.1 Faculty Code of Professional Ethics (Procedure) (PDF)

D.4.11 Notification of Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses (Policy) (PDF)

D.4.12 Left Blank Intentionally (PDF)

          D.4.12.1 Left Blank Intentionally (PDF)

D.5.1 Employee Compensation and Exempt/Non-Exempt Status (Policy)  (PDF)

          D.5.1.1 Employee Compensation and Exempt/Non-Exempt Status (Procedure) (PDF)

             D.5.1.1.Ex.A-Exhibit Employee Compensation and Exempt/Non-Exempt Status  (PDF)

              D.5.1.1.Ex.B-Exhibit Employee Compensation and Exempt/Non-Exempt Status  (PDF)

          D.5.1.2 Faculty Teaching Loads (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.5.1.3 Classification and Compensation Administration Regulations (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.5.1.4 Full-Time Faculty Pay Schedule (Procedure)  (PDF)

D.5.2 Benefits (Policy) (PDF)

          D.5.2.1 Benefits (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.5.2.2 Employee Assistance Program (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.5.2.3 Severance Benefits (Procedure) (PDF)

D.5.3 Holidays, Leaves, and Absences (Policy) (PDF)

          D.5.3.1 Holidays, Leaves, and Absences (Procedure) (PDF)

D.5.4 Family and Medical Leave (Policy) (PDF)

         D.5.4.1 Family and Medical Leave (Procedure) (PDF)

D.5.5 Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Closings (Policy) (PDF)

          D.5.5.1 Inclement Weather and Other Emergency Closings (Procedure) (PDF) 

D.5.6 Employee Suggestion Plan Incentive Program (Policy) (PDF)

          D.5.6.1 Alamo Ideas Suggestion Program (Procedure) (PDF)

D.6.1 Professional Development (Policy)   (PDF)

          D.6.1.1 Professional Development (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.6.1.2 Required Training (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.6.1.3 Tuition Reimbursement for Employees and Child Dependents (Procedure)  (PDF)

D.7.1 Employee Evaluations (Policy) (PDF)

          D.7.1.1 Employee Evaluations (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.7.1.2 Faculty Performance Evaluations (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.7.1.2.Ex.A Classroom Observation (Exhibit) (PDF)

          D.7.1.2.Ex.B Alamo Colleges District Student Survey Form (Exhibit)  (PDF)

          D.7.1.2.Ex.C Faculty Evaluation by Peer Review Committee (Exhibit) (PDF)

          D.7.1.2.Ex.D Faculty Self-Evaluation (Exhibit) (PDF)

          D.7.1.2.Ex.E Faculty Evaluation by Chair/Supervisor (Exhibit) (PDF)

          D.7.1.2.Ex.F Librarians/Counselors Faculty Evaluation by Chair/Supervisor (Exhibit) (PDF)

D.8.1 Left Blank Intentionally 

          D.8.1.1 Left Blank Intentionally

D.8.2 Promotion and Demotion (Policy)  (PDF)

         D.8.2.1 Promotion Process (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.8.2.2 Demotion (Procedure) (PDF)

D.9.1 Progressive Discipline (Policy)  (PDF)

          D.9.1.1 Progressive Discipline: Non-Tenured Employees (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.9.1.2 Progressive Discipline: Tenured Faculty (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.9.1.3 Procedures for Termination of Non-Benefited Employees (Procedure) (PDF)

D.10.2 Separation from Employment (Policy) (PDF)

          D.10.2.1 Termination: Non-Contract Employees (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.10.2.2 Termination During Contract Term: Non-Tenured Employees (Procedure)  (PDF)

          D.10.2.3 Nonrenewal: Non-Tenured Employees (Procedure) (PDF)

          D.10.2.4 Resignation from Alamo Colleges Employment (Procedure)  (PDF)

          D.10.2.5 Termination: Tenured Faculty (Procedure) (PDF)

D.10.3 Retirement (Policy) (PDF)

D.10.4 Recognition and Awards (Policy) (PDF)

D.11.1 Emergency Leave Bank (Policy) (PDF)

          D.11.1.1 Emergency Leave Bank (Procedure) (PDF)

D.11.2 Left Blank Intentionally 

           D.11.2.1 Left Blank Intentionally

D.12.1 Personnel Action Planning and Approval (Policy) (PDF)

          D.12.1.1 Personnel Action Planning and Approval (Procedure) (PDF)

Section F: Students

F.1.1 Left Blank Intentionally

F.1.1.1 Left Blank Intentionally

F.2.1 Student Enrollment Requirements (Policy) (PDF)

         F.2.1.1 State Residency (Procedure) (PDF)

         F.2.1.2 Early Admission of High School Students (Procedure)  (PDF)

         F.2.1.3 F-1 Visa Student Requirements (Procedure) (PDF)

         F.2.1.4 Campus ID Card (Procedure)   (PDF)

F.2.2 Student Tuition (Policy) (PDF)

F.2.3 Student Fees (Policy)  (PDF)

          F.2.3.1 Student Services Fee Advisory Committee (Procedure)  (PDF)

F.2.4 Student Financial Aid (Policy) (PDF)

F.3.1 Student Health (Policy) (PDF)

          F.3.1.1 Communicable Diseases (Procedure) (PDF)

          F.3.1.2 Communicable Diseases as a Disability (Procedure) (PDF)

          F.3.1.3 Student Health - Threat to Health and Safety (Procedure) (PDF)

F.4.1 Student Education Records (Policy) (PDF)

          F.4.1.1 Access to Student Education Records (Procedure) (PDF)

          F.4.1.2 Amendments to Student Records (Procedure) (PDF)

F.4.2 Student Code of Conduct - Non-Academic Misconduct, Academic Integrity (Policy) (PDF)

          F.4.2.1 Non-Academic Misconduct Disciplinary and Appeal Process (Procedure)   (PDF)

          F.4.2.2 Academic Integrity Disciplinary and Appeal Process (Procedure) (PDF)

          F.4.2.3 Left Blank Intentionally

          F.4.2.3.F Left Blank Intentionally

F.4.3 Left Blank Intentionally

          F.4.3.1 Left Blank Intentionally

F.4.4 Left Blank Intentionally 

          F.4.4.1 Left Blank Intentionally

F.4.5 Alcohol and Drug Use (Policy)  (PDF)

          F.4.5.Ex Notice and Information on Illegal Drugs and Steroids (Exhibit) (PDF)

F.4.6 Academic Grievances (Policy) (PDF)

F.4.7 Non-Academic Grievances (Policy) (PDF)

          F.4.7.1 Non-Academic Grievances (Procedure) (PDF)   

F.5.1 Registered Student Organizations (Policy) (PDF)

F.5.2 Student Contests and Competitions (Policy) (PDF)

F.5.3 Student Fund Raising (Policy) (PDF)

F.5.4 Student Publications and Signs (Policy)  (PDF)

F.6.1 Student Success (Policy)   (PDF)

          F.6.1.1 Student Success: The Student Experience - MyMap (Monitoring Academic Progress)(Procedure) (PDF)

          F.6.1.2 Student Success: The Student Experience - Connection Through Entry (Procedure) (PDF)

          F.6.1.3 Student Success: The Student Experience - Progress to and Through Completion (Procedure) (PDF)

          F.6.1.4 Left Blank Intentionally 

          F.6.1.5 Left Blank Intentionally

          F.6.1.6 Student Success: ALAMOCash Card and Student Refunds (Procedure) (PDF)

F.6.2 Student Responsibility for Success (Policy) (PDF) 

F.6.3 Mandatory New Student Orientation (Policy) (PDF)

F.6.4 Automatic Awarding of Credentials (Policy) (PDF)

F.6.5 Student Success: Equity  (PDF) 

F.7.1 Student Email Account The Official Electronic Mode of Communication (Policy) (PDF)

F.7.2 Student Automated Messaging (Policy) (PDF)