All soldiers must follow the below steps to participate in ArmyIgnitED at the Alamo Colleges District.  

We are doing all we can to comply with guidance and instructions from the ArmyIgnitED team and continue to adjust as new updates occur. We are all working to understand the new system, the requirements and our roles within the system, and appreciate continued patience as we all wait for the new system to be fully functional.

Follow these steps at the Alamo Colleges District:

  •  Green steps are to be completed in your ArmyIgnited Account.
Step 1
  • Create your ArmyIgnitED Account
    Contact your Army Education Office if you need assistance.
Step 2
  • Request an Education PATH in ArmyIgnitED
    Wait for ED PATH approval before continuing on with step 3.
Step 3
  • Apply to the College
    Do this after your PATH is approved. You should receive a college acceptance email within 5 days.
Step 4
  • Complete College Admisisons Requirements
    Follow the checklist based on your student status; Future, Former or Transfer.
Step 5
  • Request Student Degree Plan (SDP) Upload
    Not needed for those pursuing Special Program Paths (proceed to step 6)
    Request your SDP upload after completing steps 1-4.  College uploads to ArmyIgnitED may take up to 5 business days.
Upload Request
Step 6
  • Register for Classes
    See your college Advisor if you need help.
Step 7
  • Secure Classes by the Payment Deadline
    You must set up a payment option or be fully paid to avoid being dropped.  See "Payment Deadline & Securing Courses Options", below.
Step 8
  • Request Course Enrollment Upload
    Do this after registering for classes.  College uploads to ArmyIgnitED may take up to 5 business days.
    A Request for Course Enrollment Upload is required each term you enroll and any time your enrollment changes once your enrollments have been reported to the Army.
Upload Request
Step 9
  • Request Tuition Assistance
    Both degree plan and course enrollments must be present in ArmyIgnitED before requesting TA.
Step 10
  • Do you have a Balance Due?
    Mil-TA only covers tuition.  Pay all fees/charges not covered by TA through your student ACES account.
Make a Payment


NOTE: Exception to Policy Requests (ETP)

ETP is a temporary measure put in place by the Army during the migration from GoArmyEd to ArmyIgnitED to secure TA funding.  Soldiers were notified by the Army to request TA for courses taken 1 Oct 2020 - 30 Sep 2021 (FY21) by the deadline of 10 Sep 2021.  Soldiers who were unable to request TA in ArmyIgnitED for FY21 courses by 10 September 2021 will still be able to receive TA for these courses under the exception to policy (ETP) process until the ETP is discontinued.  Please speak with your Army Education Counselor if you have any questions regarding ETP.


Payment Deadline & Securing Courses Options:

After you register, you must set up a payment option or be fully paid to avoid being dropped.  Below are options you may choose to secure your courses.

  • Tuition & Fees Payment Deferment (Payment Extension) Request
    This is NOT A PAYMENT, it is a request for additional time to pay.  Army TA students may request a Tuition & Fees Payment Deferment to secure courses through payment deadlines.  The deferment allows up to 59 days from the start of the term to hold off payment.  At the end of the 59-day period, payment will be expected in full, regardless if TA has been approved or not for courses.  TA will be applied to the student account when received. Student Forms (See TA MyCAA Payment Deferment Request under your college)
  • Payment Plan Option
    Our colleges offer payment plan options to split tuition and fee payments into smaller, more manageable amounts, over a defined schedule.  TA will be applied to the student account when received.  Pay My Tuition (See My Tuition Payment Plan)
  • GI Bill™ Option
    Active Duty members can utilize their GI Bill™ benefits for tuition purposes. Service members must apply directly to VA at VETS.GOV.  We recommend calling the VA prior to using VA benefits at 1-888-442-4551.
  • Self-Pay Option
    As a last resort, all students may opt to pay for their courses through their student account in ACES by credit/debit card or by electronic check.  Those with Financial Aid Awards will have the aid applied to their account balances first before any disbursements (refunds) are processed.  Please check with your college Financial Aid Office if you have questions.  TA received after self-payments, will be applied to the student account and refunded to the student. Pay My Tuition.


Support Contacts for Assistance with ArmyIgnitED:

Alamo Colleges District Help: (210) 486-2001 |

JBSA Fort Sam Houston Help: (210) 221-1738 |