2017 Master Teacher Certification Program Graduates

May 17, 2017

Public Information Officer

Newly Certified Master Teachers

Michael Balog
Ben Birkenfeld
David Boggs
Monica Bracken-Quiles
Patrick Brown
Jason Buckingham
Jessica Cooper
Karen Cunningham
Cynthia Dinsmore
Alicia Dominguez
Lucila Escobedo
Clemente Garcia
Edward Gayden
Mary Gentry
Stephanie Gibson
Erika Haskins
Andrew Hill
Rebecca Hudson
Laurie Huhndorf
Halah Jaber
Terrance Jackson
Jeena Joseph
Mary Kelaita
William Keller
Spencer Key
David King
Shelley Kozel
Sam McCall
Ashley Olson
Rosalinda Plaza
Yolanda Poist
Andrew M. Rivera
David Rivera
Carlos Rodriguez
Kelli Rolland-Adkins
Yvette Senovsky
Delicia Smith
Gregory Steel
Jacqueline Stevenson
David Torres
Eugene Tragus
Joseph Valague
Grayling Williams
Monica Yates
Iram Yusuf

Master Teacher Facilitators

Luis A. Lopez
Dr. Audrey Mosley
Lourdes Alba
Monique Johnson
Heather McLachlan
Lydia Ortega
David Uminski
Kelli Wilder
Julie Zwies

The Master Teacher Certification Program, established in the Fall of 1998, is designed to provide quality learning experiences for new and experienced faculty members to actively engage in reflective and creative exercises and dialogues to enhance teacher effectiveness and student success. This collaborative program provides enriching learning opportunities through face-to-face discussions across disciplines, online content and discussions, and exploration of educational technology. The Master Teacher Certification Program is held each Fall and Spring semester and is open to both full-time and adjunct faculty. The program consists of six topics covered in an online course that includes discussions, assignments, and other activities. Topics include creating a community of learners, active learning techniques, assessment strategies, critical thinking strategies, ethical decision making, and teaching with technology. The program also includes face-to-face discussion sessions, group activities, and the development of a teaching philosophy statement. For more information, contact Luis A. Lopez, llopez@alamo.edu.