SPC Leads Two Roundtables, Five Breakouts at International Conference

February 28, 2018

Public Information Officer

RESOURCE: National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development | https://www.nisod.org/presentations/text-listing.php


St. Philip's College employees are among presenters during two roundtable discussions and five breakout sessions at a definitive gathering of community and technical college educators who are passionate about teaching and learning.

The gathering is the Conference Program https://www.nisod.org/presentations/text-listing.php of the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development’s International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence May 26-29 at the Hilton Austin.

The event provides faculty, administrators and staff with the resources, ideas, and solutions that drive excellence in all areas of community and technical college campuses, according to the program website. More than 300 sessions inspire community and technical college educators committed to improving student achievement, and presenters come from around the globe. With one presentation scheduled for May 28 and six presentations scheduled for May 29, the college's Master Teacher Certification Program that observes its 20th anniversary of increasing the capacity of faculty to serve in 2018 is part of the event lineup. All sessions presented by St. Philip's College as of Feb. 22 are listed below...

Developing Master Teachers: Enhancing Faculty Effectiveness Through Collaborative Learning Experiences

May 29 at 9:15 a.m. | Room 410, 4th Floor
Participants discuss faculty development best practices. Since 1998, St. Philip’s College’s Master Teacher Certification Program has helped new and experienced faculty members engage in reflective and creative exercises to improve their own teaching. This session describes the eight-week-long hybrid program that’s offered twice each year and examines the success of the faculty who completed the program.
Presenters: Luis Lopez, Director of Instructional and Professional Development, Instructional Innovation Center and Audrey Mosley, Speech Faculty, Learning and Communications

Faculty Credentialing: Creating and Maintaining Guidelines, Compliance, and Development

May 29 at 10:30 a.m. | Room 404, 4th Floor
This session explores best practices for creating faculty credential guidelines pertaining to regional program accreditation. During a recent reaffirmation, St. Philip’s College provided multiple faculty justifications, preventable with comprehensive credential documentation. A team created this documentation, ensuring that the clearly defined hiring process and other practices were documented. This institutional manual serves as a starting point in the faculty hiring process. Quality educational instruction and compliance are further supported through continuous faculty development opportunities.
Presenters: Maria Hinojosa, Director, Institutional, Planning, Research, and Effectiveness; Shanna Bradford, Administrative Assistant, Institutional, Planning, Research, and Effectiveness; Blanca Cuellar, Quality Assurance Coordinator, Health Sciences and Rose Sterling, Dean of Health Sciences

Move It: Increasing Student Engagement Through Active Learning

May 28 at 8:30 a.m. | Room 616A, 6th Floor
Discover ways to wake up your students and engage them in their learning. This presenter discusses and demonstrates various techniques used in the classroom to promote an active-learning environment. The strategies focus on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning framework to increase students’ higher levels of thinking. These tools used in our classrooms are easy and proven effective by participatory and cooperative learning experts and featured in “Teach Students How to Learn."
Presenters: Thermajean Jones, Academic Program Coordinator, Health Sciences; Lydia Ortega, Faculty, Economics; Tunetha Parchem, Program Director, Health Sciences

Partnering With the American Red Cross: The Exploring Humanitarian Law Program | Roundtable Discussion |

May 29 at 10:30 a.m. | Roundtable Area #1, 6th Floor
How can professors, lecturers, researchers, and students foster respect for and implementation of international humanitarian law, the rules that ensure respect for life and human dignity in war? We present the American Red Cross’ approach to working with colleges and universities and the tools available to support those efforts. This session aims to encourage academic communities to work with the American Red Cross to teach, debate, and research the legal and humanitarian issues relating to armed conflict.
Presenter: Andrew Hill, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Putting the Community Back Into Community College: Ideas for Promoting Academic Program Completion | Roundtable Discussion |

May 29 at 9:15 a.m. | Roundtable Area #2, 6th Floor
Learn about how institutions are innovatively using community partnerships to promote academic program completion and career readiness. During this session, participants explore various workforce and economic trends currently impacting community and technical colleges. Participants also engage in a discussion about initiatives and key partnerships their institutions are using to promote career preparedness, while also promoting academic program completion.
Presenter: Dr. Mordecai Brownlee, Vice President for Student Success

Technology Tools for the Classroom

May 29 at 8 a.m. | Room 406, 4th Floor
Come to learn about various free tools you can use in your classes to increase student engagement. Tools covered include Screencast-O-Matic, Kahoot (Survey and Quiz), and PowToon.
Presenters: Amy Quesenberry, Instructor, Physical Therapist Assistant Program; Jodi Bellamy, Instructor, Vocational Nursing Program; Christian Baker, Instructor, Respiratory Therapy; Irene Cook, Technical Trainer, Health Profession Opportunity Grants, Alamo Community College District

Using Holistic Advising Trends and Theories to Ease Students’ Paranoia About the Transfer Process

May 29 at 8 a.m. | Room 412, 4th Floor
Exploring transfer opportunities can be an overwhelming process for all community college student populations. With a holistic advising approach in mind, session participants discuss how to incorporate various student development theories and advising trends to better prepare students to practice effective transfer strategies. Participants also review the factors students should take into consideration when deciding where to transfer and leave with a variety of resources that can help students research their transfer options.
Presenters: Nathan Martinez, Certified Advisor, Student Success; Yvonne Benton, Certified Advisor

St. Philip’s College announces the following employee nominees for NISOD Excellence Awards and recognition during the event in Austin.

Administrator nominees
Dr. Mordecai Brownlee | Vice President of Student Success
Randall Dawson | Interim Vice President of Academic Success

Faculty nominees
Kathryn Freeman | Assistant Professor, Program Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Natural Sciences
Andrew Hill | Assistant Professor, Philosophy, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Shaun Smith | Instructor, Automotive Technology, Transportation Services Technologies

Aaron Dickerson | Information and Communication Technology, Coordinator of College Technology
Eitandria Gatlin | Counseling Resource Center, Counselor
Joseph Hernandez | Veterans Outreach and Transition Center, Administrative Support Specialist

Find details on the event at https://www.nisod.org/. For details on the presentations, find the presenter contact information in the Alamo Colleges District Directory at http://phonebook.alamo.edu/Directory.aspx.