SPC Helps out In Military City USA

February 12, 2018

Public Information Officer


Three organizations dedicated to helping service members and their families transition to private sector employment in Military City USA were partners in a free luncheon event this week.

The organizations are St. Philip’s College, the USO and CPS Energy. The St. Philip’s College Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach and Transition Center team http://alamo.edu/spc/GSVOTC/ has hosted USO Pathfinder Transition Program Newcomer's Orientation programs with both outreach and transition service since the partnership with the USO’s transition mission in the college’s service area https://sanantonio.uso.org/programs/uso-transition-360-alliance-resources began in 2016, most recently in July. CPS Energy has also hosted similar programs in various locales in the city. Feb. 8 was the first time the energy company’s event for the USO---themed CPS Energy Welcome USO Pathfinders---was held at the college. For details on the Feb. 8 event, contact USO’s Kathy Smith ksmith@uso.org.

As the monthly luncheon host, CPS Energy highlighted the many professional opportunities available and ways for veterans to enrich interviewing skills or learn about networking for employment in Military City USA.

In order to support the Military City USA community, the college reached out to partner with the USO business unit that helps service members, their care-givers and their family members in a critical 24-month period identified by the USO---12 months before discharge and 12 months after discharge from their military service commitments. Established in 2011 to extend the St. Philip’s College experience for veterans beyond the traditional campus and online classroom services, the center that is a city and college partnership is located at 202 Connelly St. in the city's Denver Heights neighborhood. Following the transition to a stand-alone facility in August, the Feb. 8 event led by CPS Energy was the first USO orientation at the college’s Bowden Alumni Center at 1801 Martin Luther King Drive, also in the city's Denver Heights neighborhood.

The college has hosted several of the monthly luncheon meetings with different agendas since 2016. At many of these programs, the center staff introduces USO representatives---known as USO-RP/6 Alumni Honorary Mentors---to as many as 80 guests. Those alumni are individual veterans and community partner representatives trained to mentor service members through their 24-month transitions. St. Philip’s College, Rackspace and Valero are among the USO’s local honorary community partner mentor alumni. The CPS Energy sponsored USO program at the college this week included representation and online promotion by the Pentagon's Office of Warrior Care Policy http://warriorcare.dodlive.mil/upcoming-events/ that works to proactively support wounded, ill and injured servicemembers in their recovery and reintegration or transition to civilian life and employment.

The next USO Pathfinders Newcomer Orientation at St. Philip’s College is Feb. 15 in Room 216 of the Turbon Student Center at 1801 Martin Luther King Dr. in the city's Denver Heights neighborhood (building marked as "13" on the interactive map http://alamo.edu/spc/imap). For registration details on the Feb. 15 event, contact USO’s Kathy Smith ksmith@uso.org.

For details on the St. Philip’s College Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach and Transition Center operations, contact center director William Moseley at 210-486-2506, wmoseley1@alamo.edu - spc-gsvotc@alamo.com.