Transitioning Roadrunners at Alamo Colleges Program

February 27, 2018

Public Information Officer

SPC-UTSA co-enrollment dream comes true: Qualified SPC students to benefit from Transitioning Roadrunners at Alamo Colleges program

A new pathway program allowing qualified St. Philip's College students to co-enroll in the undergraduate programs of The University of Texas at San Antonio begins accepting SPC students this year.

Most St. Philip’s College students transfer to universities to complete their degrees, and UTSA is one of their most coveted transfer research institutions.

The co-enrollment opportunity known as Transitioning Roadrunners at Alamo Colleges (On-TRAC) was announced by Alamo Colleges District and UTSA leaders Feb. 20.

In a partnership expected to improve student success at both St. Philip's College and UTSA, the district and UTSA co-announced On-TRAC as an alternate pathway for freshman students who apply to UTSA but may not qualify for direct admission. Qualified St. Philip's College students in the new program will attend St. Philip's College and, if they satisfy the program requirements, will automatically be accepted to UTSA without having to reapply. The program will begin in Fall 2018 with up to 250 students---many from St. Philip's College---selected by the UTSA Office of Admissions as part of the regular freshman admission process.

Find initial details on the program at the Feb. 20 Alamo Colleges District news report Alamo Colleges, UTSA Partner for Co-enrollment Program | (Courtesy Image - UTSA Facebook page)