SPC’s Big Rig Driving School has a New Classroom

July 26, 2018

Public Information Officer


St. Philip's College announced today a low-key July 30 grand relocation event for the San Antonio region's premiere Commercial Driver's License training program.

St. Philip's College and its partner SAGE Truck Driving Schools welcome all to attend the grand relocation event for the St. Philip's College Commercial Driver's License program July 30 at 9 a.m. at Building 3508 on 204 Dunton St., outdoors near the college's Southwest Campus at 800 Quintana Road in the city's Port San Antonio neighborhood (campus on the interactive maps).

Noel Smith leads the four-week CDL training program where the hands-on learning for 2,000 alumni has included wheel time with a fleet of 70-foot-long trucks and placement assistance for positions as entry level Class A truck drivers from two previous locations in the city since 2005.

"The program is 13 years old, and our continuity of operations is excellent. We have graduated over 2,000 students and a bevy of companies our alumni have gone on to work for as soon as they graduate would include but not be limited to Covenant, Schneider, Werner, Melton and Loves for over-the-road markets, Core-Mark, Vulcan, Labatt, Sygma and Dollar General for local employment, and CUDD, Pinnacle, CJES, J3 and a host of others in the oilfield markets," Smith recollected with a smile.

"This new location for our program will provide better driving space along with being more accessible to our students, and our move will be transparent. The class that starts on July 23 will have their first week of class at the old location and the second week of class at the new location, receiving the same outstanding educations and employment support that St. Philip's College is known for at both locations," said Smith. 

The customer service email address for the college's CDL program before, during and after the move is SPC@sageschools.com, and the program website is www.sageschools.com.

During the grand relocation event, faculty, students and the 70-foot-long training aids known as tractor trailers will be in action at the low-key site, business as usual and ready to talk or meet-and-greet about turning the key on both their professional aspirations and the successful program, Smith said.

For all information on CDL program operations, enrollment and continuity at St. Philip's College, contact program director Noel Smith at 210-826-7066, SPC@sageschools.comwww.facebook.com/Sage.Truck.Driving.schoolswww.TruckSchoolsUSA.com. The physical location of the program until July 28 is 6802 NE. Loop 410, and the physical location of the program after July 30 is at Building 3508 on 204 Dunton St., with the actual transfer of training aids, vehicles and furniture accomplished over the July 28-29 weekend when class is not in session, Smith concluded. (Image Julysa Sosa courtesy SPC)

About the Commercial Driver's License training program at St. Philip's College SAGE Truck Driving Schools is a contract vendor providing services for St. Philip's College. SAGE Truck Driving Schools have partnered with St. Philip's College and the Alamo Colleges District to offer Texas Commercial Driver License training that meets high industry standards. Established in 2005, SAGE's San Antonio CDL test training center at St. Philip's College is rated one of the top tier Texas truck driving schools, designed to prepare prospective drivers for their Texas CDL test and employment in the industry. The St. Philip's College program provides late model trucks and detailed guidance by experienced instructors who are known for their one-on-one training designed to prepare every student to take the Texas CDL test. Few other truck driving schools worldwide offer SAGE's "one student per truck" driving time guarantee for behind-the-wheel hours. Highly qualified SAGE instructors at St. Philip's College have years of experience teaching students how to understand truck systems, shifting, backing and safety. With more than 2,000 alumni, SAGE's instructors at St. Philip's College are knowledgeable, patient and professional, and are dedicated to student success in passing the CDL exam.