Alumnus, Master Golf Teacher Helps Kids Grow at SPC

July 24, 2018

Public Information Officer


Organizers of the 10-week St. Philip's College KIDS' CAMP with Microsociety underway through Aug. 10 announced today that the college will offer campers golf lessons and a day on the links at the end of the camp under the leadership of a U.S. Golf Teachers Federation Master Golf Teacher.

The St. Philip's College offerings of summer camps for all ages did not advertise golf lessons from a golf master teacher who's a CEO, and the only time the college hits the links is for its Annual Scholarship Golf Tournaments. But lessons under an expert who is a CEO were added and the kids have been learning something new to do with the help of1987 college alumnus and  San Antonio Junior Golf Association CEO Larry Whitfield ---the original consultant to the fundraising golf tourney that has celebrated the art of giving back at St. Philip's College since 2018 when most of today's campers were infants.

The kids Whitfield is helping waited patiently for their turns at their second or third lessons in golf on campus 30 days ago. At that time, Whitfield began his day on campus at 7:30 a.m., transforming campus facilities into golfable zones, mostly in and around the 120-year-old college's 70 year-old Fitness Center building that is familiar to Whitfield as he is an outstanding St. Philip's College culinary arts alumnus.

"I set up a driving range inside the gym. I also have the kids putting. I was planning to travel to Las Vegas to provide golf classes for kids this summer, but I've been working similarly with St. Philip's College---and Ella Austin Community center on Tuesdays---for a few weeks," Whitfield said.

Then the master golf teacher got great news.

"The camp wanted my kids to keep golfing. We will actually visit a golf course to golf, taking the lessons from the campus to the course," said Whitfield.

"I'm with the camp at St. Philip's College every Monday and Wednesday until the end of the camp in mid-August, from 8-10:30 a.m. Some of the kids at the camp have the raw talent. They have the natural gift. "Their attitude is 'This is something I can participate in.' I have my U.S. Golf Teachers Federation Master Golf Teaching professional certification and I have my federation psychological certification for playing golf, to help kids I teach. Golf, it's 70 percent up here in the head, and you only open that door at certain times. I love the game and the challenge. To see these kids… some can't hit the ball two feet… and they realize this is a humbling sport. But the kids really enjoy it. They will go to a golf course the last week of camp, and that way, they get a feel for what they are practicing for here," said Whitfield.

Parents are encouraged to contact the camp team for updates on current and surprise programs their kids might be interested in spending time with this summer. For details on the 10-week camp with open enrollment underway through Aug. 10, visit the camp online at Kids' Camp. (Images courtesy SPC | Julysa Sosa)