San Antonio Dances!: A Dance History at SPC

June 14, 2018

Public Information Officer


The Summer 2018 season in leased spaces at St. Philip's College begins this weekend with an event marking the return of a local dance company that made its St. Philip's College debut in summer of 2017 with a program dedicated to promoting the work of local dance artists no matter where they are in their career path.

The company on campus this week in rehearsal for its return to the 600-seat Watson Fine Arts Center at 1801 Martin Luther King Drive in the city's Denver Heights neighborhood this Saturday is San Antonio Dance Umbrella. Their 2017 performance of  San Antonio Dances!  was a well-received paid event of new works and the 2018 version of  San Antonio Dances!: A Dance History  is a paid event June 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Watson Fine Arts Center featuring all new-for-2018 works as well.  San Antonio Dances!: A Dance History  is   professionally produced dance concert, offering a chance for any style, technique, or group, (ages 13+) to come together for one evening of professional dance, according to its web page.  In addition to having representatives from the many styles of dance that have lived in San Antonio, shaping the cultural landscape we love today, we are also interested in work that will creatively consider what the future of San Antonio dance will hold , the company shares online. The target audience for the performance at St. Philip's College ranges from local aspiring dance educators and student choreographers to professional dance company members. The company promoted its concert in a May 29 appearance on the KENS5 GREAT DAY SA program.

The Saturday evening concert theme reflects cultural influences that converge in the Alamo City, and the program is also a San Antonio 300 official Tricentennial event with the following announced performance organizations…

  • Collective Dance Artistry
  • San Anto Dance Crew
  • Faisan Folklorico
  • San Antonio Dance Fringe
  • Samba Vida Drum & Dance Co…
  • Tanesha Payne
  • Alamo Arts Ballet Theatre
  • Felicia McBride Guerra
  • Nina Alexis Padilla
  • Kalalaya Indian Performing Arts
  • Stephany Rayburn, Artist-in-Residence

An example of the program is found at the Nov. 22 My Share post In The End by Felicia McBride, filmed by Ryan Bazan and choreographed by Felicia McBride and presented at by the San Antonio Dance Umbrella at the Watson Fine Arts Center at St. Philip's College on June 24 of 2017. A Texas magazine dedicated exclusively to the performing and visual arts lists the company's upcoming event as a must-see. According to the May 31  Arts and Culture Texas  report The A+C TX Top Ten: June 2018  that lists  San Antonio Dances: A Dance History," This dance concert will showcase different dance artists of all styles, including the premiere work of San Antonio Dance Umbrella's Artist-in-Residence, Stephany Rayburn," says Brittany Lopez, SA Dance Umbrella's board chair. Felicia McBride's solo Lester, with original music by Brandon Guerra and Sean Giddings, is also in the mix ."

Find ticket details for  San Antonio Dances!: A Dance History  at their Facebook page (Image courtesy San Antonio Dance Umbrella on Facebook)