10 Most Admired Universities and Colleges

May 8, 2018

Public Information Officer


A magazine exclusively for the providers and takers of international education announced today a feature on St. Philip's College as "A comprehensive public community college transforming students into industry experts."

The publication is Knowledge Review Magazine. St. Philip's College and two of the college's recent alumni are featured in the report The 10 Most Admired Universities and Colleges to watch 2018.

The report is an annual special project of the publication, providing visibility for the history, mission and economic impact of a globally unique 120-year-old college within a 300-year-old American city.

The comments of one current SPC student and one SPC alumnus appear in the report. The first is Angelia Jacobs in her capacity as the college's recent past Student Government President and the Alamo Colleges District Alternate Student Trustee. The second is manufacturing program outstanding alumnus Cesar Mendez.

The college is mentioned in the following comments on the editor's page. "Educational institutions are often defined as the home to knowledge, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and admiration. We haven’t come to this conclusion so easily...Once those points are satisfied, people started looking for more and then came various factors determining the parameters of selecting an institution and marking its ranking... To bring up such extraordinary universities and colleges which are majorly contributing to the education industry and standing as a figure of admiration, we have come up with our latest edition... we have enlisted numerous majorly renowned educational institutions including... St. Philip's College..."

Few colleges can claim the distinction of having a former president recognized as a saint for her corporate leadership of their institution. Only one can claim the distinction of operating their 120-year-old business as the world's only Historically Black College and Universities member institution with Hispanic Serving Institution status. That institution is St. Philip's College. To learn more about the college, find the Knowledge Review report A Comprehensive Public Community College Transforming Students into Industry Experts at Page 30 http://magazine.theknowledgereview.com/The-10-Admired-Universities-Colleges-Watch-2018-March2018/#page=1.

For a report on the unique college's institutional history, read the Diverse: Issues In Higher Education report St. Philip’s College Embraces Dual Identity by writer Katherine Morris at http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=428147&ver=html5&p=1#{"page":14,"issue_id":428147}.