811 at SPC

October 1, 2018

Public Information Officer


St. Philip’s College celebrated student success during its Fall 2018 Honors Convocation on Sept. 25 in the Watson Fine Arts Center at 1801 Martin Luther King Drive. 

The convocation is a time the college reserves for students to verify their heard-earned success with their parents, spouses, children, and other family members. Guests heard the names of 811 students at the college who recently earned honors accolades for performance in the spring 2018 semester, as many crossed the stage of the 600-seat theater during a ceremony and a reception, according to administrative assistant in the college’s Office of the Vice President for Academic Success.

All 811 recipients achieved honors after completing a minimum of 12 college-level credits in a semester with at least a 3.5-semester grade point average or above, and a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. They achieved high results after embarking on journeys that tested personal and academic values in balancing the challenges of school, work, and family.

The event was the college’s seventh with participation by its early college high school students, and the number of early college honors recipients stood at 119.

The lineup of 811 included students and alumni who completed amazing journeys as part of their St. Philip's College experiences

The college’s Tiger 1 electric demonstration vehicle team project team has had two vehicles and three primary drivers since the team started. The 2017 Tiger 1 primary co-driver was an alumna and current UTSA student Crystal Lemus, a 2018 receipt of honors accolades who also attended the SAISD Phoenix Program at the college’s Southwest Campus.


In addition to traveling to Chicago with the college’s 2017 season Ethics Team, and traveling to Costa Rica where she crossed an alligator-infested river while researching the rain forest, outstanding 2017 alumna Katrina King is one of the nation’s 50 2018 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Silver Scholar recipients. Members of the best-in-USA team represent the best and brightest students who excel in academics, leadership and service.


When St. Philip's College deployed a college record, three teams, to a college fair for members of America’s largest youth cyber education program, 2018 cybersecurity program alumnus and current Texas A&M computer engineering student Mark Pantoja was one of the student team members, attending the 2018 Mayor’s Cyber Cup College Fair and Luncheon program as part of life in the nation’s second-largest cybersecurity sector. By accepting admission to a summer academy at one of the three oldest engineering schools in America, the Davis Middle School alumnus went far from San Antonio as the first from the college to attend the Engineering Summer Academy at Penn in Computer Science on the campus of The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 2017. Pantoja capped his amazing St. Philip’s College career by becoming the valedictorian of the first class to graduate from St. Philip’s College Early College High School with San Antonio Independent School District.


Current student Keiko Stanberry is accepting honors accolades as she pursues an associate of science degree with a course of study in science---and a career goal of practicing as a dental hygienist. While her most recent scholarship award is the La Prensa Foundation Inspirational Scholarship in August 2018, she markets community college education tirelessly for the college.


Outstanding alumnus Chase Hux graduated in 2018 after quietly lending his high-profile status as a world-ranked competitive fishing expert to market St. Philip’s College. Hux innovatively established a fishing student organization at the college to help potential students make the connection between the power of fishing and the power of college education.


Current student Christopher Tanner---entering his second year as a student in the college’s globally-noted advanced manufacturing program---became the college’s third recipient of the 2018 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholar award, the first scholarship the honor society of two-year colleges offers to its scholars for defraying costs while those scholars are actually enrolled in a community college.

Outstanding 2018 alumna Angelia Jacobs led in daily real-time for Alamo Colleges District on behalf of its 60,000-plus students and employees in her capacity as the college's Student Government President and Alamo Colleges District Alternate Student Trustee. Jacobs was among the team making corporate quality industry history this summer by leading as St. Philip’s College earned a Governor's Award for Performance Excellence award that separates the best of the best from the merely outstanding organizations in Texas.

The following list of recipients is courtesy spc-VPAS@alamo.edu.

Pernelle Abraham, Jayme Adams, Farrakhan Adridge, Alejandra Aguirre Velez, Joo Ahn, Amalia Akwar, Robert Alcorta, Julissa Alfaro, Lisa Alvarez, Alexander Anderson, Jessica Andres, Christina Appleton, Gilberto Avila, Michael Ayala, Megan Baker, Hector Barbosa, Ashley Barron, Hope Bayer, Leticia Beltran, James Benito, Claire Berg, Braden Birmingham, Kirstin Boe, Bridget Booth, Dakota Boothe, James Bothe, William Bower, Leonard Box, Roxanne Briseno, Charissa Brooks, Zachary Brooks, Carol Brotherman, Emily Brunet, Anna Burciaga, Joseph Burkhart, Bertie Burns, Alexandria Butler, Stacy Butler, Melanie Caballero, Enriko Cabezuela, Louis Calderon, Erin Callenius, Ana Paula Cantu, Richard Carmona, Nathan Carranza, Daniel Carreno-Diaz, Cynthia Castellon, Marielena Castro, Valerie Cavazos, Brenda Cepeda, Alejandro Chacon, Jesse Chavarria, Betty Clay, Miguel Constancio, Alexander Contreras, Joshua Conway, Eduardo Cordero, Derrick Cordova, Lauren Cordova, Amy Creasy, Pamela Cresswell, Colleen Crockett, Rebecca Davis, Maria De Hoyos-Gill, Brian De Jong, Diana De Leon, Kayson Delagarza, Ashley Devine, Joshua Diaz, Maya Diaz, Marsha Dimando, Amber Eckenrode, Tomas Eggers, Carolina Escobedo, Khalifa Fall, Joshua Fechner, Maxwell Fish, Kjersten Flores, Enrique Flores Tijerina, Chadrick Flowers, Wyatt Folsom, William Freeman, Laurel Friday, Warren Friedrichs, Gabriel Gallardo, Kyle Gamarra, Francisco Garcia, Jonathan Garcia, Karla Garcia, Kristen Garcia, Sonia Garcia, Wendy Garcia Torres, Jeffrey Garza, Ramon Garza, Celeste Gaytan, Christopher Gilmer, Brandee Glasco, David Goldstein, Anibal Gomez, Cecilia Gomez, Ivan Gomez, Nathaniel Gomez, Cody Gonzales, Bailey Grathwohl, Charles Grossman, Bonnita Grossnickle, Adrian Guerrero, Danielle Guilhas, Patricia Gutierrez, Daniel Guzman, Maya Hacker, Hamza Hamdan, Monica Handrich, Samuel Harline, Andre Harper, Dustianne Harris, Matthew Harrison, Anita Helmkamp, Serena Heras, Carlos Hernandez, Christine Hernandez, Jason Hernandez, Nathaniel Hernandez, Vanessa Hernandez, Michael Hester, Brinson Hinson, Jordan Hoffart, Shawn Holder, Emily Holliday, Greta Hons, Jennifer Hopkins, Zachary Hougen, Joseph Humrichouse, Chase Hux, Aaron Ibarra, Creighton Ikeda, David Irizarry, Angelia Jacobs, Brincy Jayesh, Regina Jimenez, Abimifoluwa Jimi-Ajayi, Juan Joaquin, Justina Johnson, Kerrie Jones, Gabrielle Jordan, Khaleb Joseph, Amina Jumamyradova, Keeley Kainer, Stephen Kampman, Tabatha Kane, Zachary Kaufhold, Jae Kelley, Edward Kelly, Kaitlyn Kelly, Jimmy Khamphoumanivong, Katrina King, Leah Kirkland Frith, Ellen Klabon, Dawson Klump, Kaylie Koenen, Nicole Kolmeier, Kyleigh Koster, Christie Kramer, Kailah Kraus, Sherry Kubena, Geddy Ladd, Jacob Lara, Matthew Lauer, Jared Laws, Kevin Le, Krystal Lemus, Gary Lewis, Robert Linscott, Jasmine Long, Audrianna Longhway, Alexandro Lopez, Leslie Lopez, Mario Lopez, Gabriel Lozano, Jenna Macias, Reberta Mack, Garth Madere, Frederic Magare, Surendra Mangra, Papa Marre, Brianna Martin, Alexander Martinez, Cassandra Martinez, Daniela Martinez, Dominga Martinez, Kimberly Martinez, Larry Martinez, Ruben Martinez, Ryan Martinez, Thomas Martinez, Victoria Martinez, Emma Matthis, Miracle Mccloud, Jessica Medina, Michael Meketa, Angelica Mendez, Hunter Miller, Valeria Mireles, Manuel Moke, Matthew Moke, Joseph Moncado, Izabella Monreal, Soledad Montejano, Edward Montgomery, Kathy Mora, Lilliann Morales, Tess Morales, Patricio Moran, Alexander Moreno, Luis Morentin, Marlow Mungia, Stephanie Munoz, Abdul Nasiri, Julieta Nations, Patricia Nevarez, Phuc Gia Bao Nguyen, Haley Nickel, Chandler Nolte, Irasema Ocura, Emmanuelle Ogland, Jeffrey Oyer, Joshua Padilla, Steven Palomo, Mark Pantoja, Eric Parker, Justin Parker, Mary Partain, Bryan Pegg, Jayde Peoples, Vanessa Perez, Keivan Perry, Julissa Pilar, Noelle Pimienta, Victoria Pineda, Joshua Polcyn, Billy Porter, Krista Porter, Eduardo Posadas, Jennifer Powell, Andrew Quinn, Kayro Ramirez, Juanita Ramos, Pierre Ramos, Kellie Rankin, Dominic Reeve, Alejandra Rendon Baena, Amanda Reyes, Christina Reyes, Elyziah Reyes, Melody Richards, Jared Rincon, Justine Rios, Kera Roberts, Alejandro Rodriguez, Jasmine Rodriguez, Lisa Rodriguez, Ronald Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez Avila, Ashton Rogers, Breana Rosa, Isabel Rosa, Haley Rubey, Hannah Rubio, Kiana Ruffin, Leslie Ruiz, Sara Ryel, Kevin Salinas, Brittany Sanchez, Jordan Sanchez, Nicole Sanchez, Salvador Sanchez, Jeremy Santibanez, Jedediah Santos, John Sawyer, Sheldon Scholl, Paul Segovia, Hailey Senior-Owsley, Brandi Shropshire, Monica Sikalos, Aryanna Smith, Maggie Smith, Walker Smith, Victoria Sodders, Martina Spangrud, Caitlin Spence, Keiko Stanberry, Melissa Stelzer, Leah Strawn, Alli Stringer, Zhiquan Sun, Jaclynn Taitano, Christopher Tanner, Vanessa Taylor, Zachary Taylor, Miana Tesalona, Jessica Thomas, Andrea Tinoco, Ricardo Torres, Victoria Tovar, Virginia Tovar, Chandler Trimble, Elizabeth Urena, Michele Valdez, Ricardo Valdez, Joshua Valenzuela, Raini Vargas, Erica Vasquez, Eugene Vega, Maria Villanueva Lopez, Xaviano Villegas, Alfredo Virula, Cedric Wahrmund, Kei Wall, Famous Washington, Tyler Washington, Deborah Weiss, Paul Welch, Gage Weston, Tara Whiting, Carl Wilson, Alexander Wolff, Alysia Wuertz, Robert Yanez, Joshua Young, Cristal Yun, Sarah Yun, Yvonne Zavala, Samantha Zelaya Maldonado, Cheyenne Zimmerman, Zara Zimmerschied 

(Images of Hux, Stanberry, King, Jacobs, and Tanner are courtesy SPC/Julysa Sosa - Images of Pantoja and Lemus are courtesy SPC)