A Pro-College Message Worth Hearing---and Seeing---Again

September 17, 2018

Public Information Officer


It's routine for actresses and their television shows to be seen in beloved binges of seemingly endless reruns and streamed syndications, but a 2018 St. Philip's College alumna who is not an actress is one of a few in the nation to undergo a similar experience.

After intensive study, May 2018 pre-nursing alumna Gloria Napoles appeared as a television game show contestant when she was a student and an employee in the Center for Distance Learning that operates online courses for more than 5,000 students at St. Philip's College. Through the intricacies of the television world, the show where Napoles and her message can be experienced by audiences for one more season is the Hispanic College Quiz, a rebroadcast from the 2016 Hispanic College Quiz show franchise.

Through a stroke of television business fortune, Napoles will be seen in 2018 because the show will not tape live again in the 2018 season, and it is a seasonal staple. The show must go on, and show organizers must have liked what they had archived on Napoles, for Napoles has been announced online as a featured contestant along with her college---and her pro-college education message.

Thanks to Napoles, appreciation of the St. Philip's College experience, San Antonio and Latino/a culture are being showcased nationwide at least once in the four-episode Know Your Heritage Hispanic College Quiz game show format series that promotes positive images of college students. The program is traditionally shot in July to air local episodes in fall as part of Hispanic Heritage Month observances. Napoles is the last person to represent the institution during the game show series, as contestant slots are competitive, and the college did not qualify for a contestant slot in 2017.

But fate has smiled upon Napoles and St. Philip’s College. The 2018 season marks St. Philip’s College’s fourth year of participation in the competition organized by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. While preparing for the shooting of Know Your Heritage Hispanic College Quiz in Nashville, Napoles was also featured as a St. Philip’s College student in the fall edition of association’s The Voice of Hispanic Higher Education magazine that was published in September of 2016. Napoles also received a scholarship from the association that she used as a fall 2016 student at St. Philip’s College.

“As a contestant, I’m becoming more knowledgeable of my history and my roots very fast in order to be competitive in the quiz,” Napoles said during preparation in 2016. “The opportunity of networking with students from different universities while studying to earn a scholarship is a huge opportunity, for me to have fun,” said Napoles. 

Before the cameras, Napoles was open and passionate while explaining her love for education in a way that can inspire others.

My grandparents have been the most influential in my life... They’re from Mexico, so having them here has been a big change... because of them, I want to pursue higher education,” Napoles said during one segment of the 2016 broadcast that will resonate with audiences who experience the program in 2018. 

After graduating from St. Philip’s College, Napoles’ transferred to UTSA to support her goal of becoming a dental hygienist and earning her bachelor’s degree. As a St. Philip’s College student, the 2003 Thomas Edison High School alumna was a member of the college’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter, and she led as the historian for the college’s Eureka Science Club, in addition to her college employee status.

Experience Napoles’ point of view as a student online at the June 2018 Central City Productions Vimeo post HCQ Show - Gloria Napoles. Read her name in association with this project at the archival 2016 online report 2016 Hispanic College Quiz participants, more air dates announced. Find links to the latest information including air dates for 2018 at the HACU report Hispanic College Quiz show to air during Hispanic Heritage Month.

For details on participating in future broadcast projects as a St. Philip’s College student contestant, contact the college honor society chapter advisor.