2019 National Women's History Month

March 5, 2019

Public Information Officer


Event dates, hours and content finalized to successfully optimize access for visitors during the month of March

St. Philip’s College announced today its 2019 Women’s History Month lineup of six free events at the college’s 1801 Martin Luther King Drive and 800 Quintana Road locations.

With all event times, dates and appearances subject to changes that will be shared online, all are welcome to attend the 2019 observance events announced thus far:

  • ***Essay Exhibition | March 5 | 9 a.m.-1 p.m. | Campus Ministry (The Porch) | 525 S. Mittman St. | Free Admission | Email ssnavely@alamo.edu,adelgado102@alamo.edu or lortega@alamo.edu for details
  • ***STEM Lecture Series with Dr. Melissa Walker | March 6 | 1 p.m. | Turbon Student Center Room 216 | 1801 Martin Luther King Drive | Free Admission | Emailmhudock@alamo.edu for details
  • ***Women of the Holocaust Lecture with Jack Nawrocik | March 19 | 11 a.m. | Sutton Learning Center Room 115 | 1801 Martin Luther King Drive | Free Admission | Email kwilder6@alamo.edu for details
  • ***The Women Left Out of Your History Books with Peace Center lecturer Susan Ives | March 21 | 11 a.m. | Sutton Learning Center Room 115 | 1801 Martin Luther King Drive | Free Admission | Email ckatz@alamo.edu for details
  • ***Women of Peace Art Exhibition | March 25 | 1 p.m. | Center for Learning Resources | 1801 Martin Luther King Drive | Free Admission | Emailrbarnard3@alamo.edu or ngeary3@alamo.edu for details.
  • ++Women In Non-Traditional Occupations Conference | March 29 | 9:30 a.m. | Building 1 | 800 Quintana Road | Registration required | Email Diane Galvan at dgalvan62@alamo.edu for details

*** = SPC Debut

++ = Registration Required Event

About the season…

Essay Exhibition | A month-long display of essays by St. Philip’s College psychology students celebrating Women’s History themes makes its observance debut in 2019. Essays highlight champions of non-violence the lives of the students. The event opening reception is a first-time partnership with local Campus Ministry as site provider and the college’s Social and Behavioral Science Department team.

STEM | A conversation with the founder of the Carol Clinic Family Center Health Care medical group practice is a chance to learn from an expert who has given back serving clients on San Antonio’s Eastside for 17-plus years as a physician specializing in family practice. Dr. Melissa Walker shares experiences and challenges she faced growing up, pursuing her medical degree and starting her own practice in her college speaking debut.

Women of the Holocaust | A conversation with college faculty member Jack Nawrocik on his theme Women of the Holocaust: Breaking down the gender walls of silence, stereotypes, and taboos to understand the courage and uniqueness of the female experience makes its observance debut in 2019.

Women Left Out of Your History Books | In its St. Philip’s College debut, the experience themed Hidden Figures, the Matilda Effect, Intersectionality and the Women Left Out of Your History BooksPeace Center’s Susan Ives is a veteran who leads a conversation on women who should be in your history books, but aren't and why? Guests should bring or sign out a smart phone or other internet-enabled device (from the local Bibliotech) in order to research and report as teams on women they may have never heard of. 

Women of Peace Exhibition | St. Philip’s College debuts an innovative Student Art Exhibition of mixed media, drawing, painting and printmaking that captures and shares the likenesses of female icons of peace who have influenced their lives in some meaningful way. Email college archivist Becca Barnard at rbarnard3@alamo.edu or fine arts faculty member Nicole Geary at ngeary3@alamo.edu for details. 

WINTO | A signature event of St. Philip’s College turns 10 during the 2019 Women In Non-Traditional Occupations (WINTO) Conference with Black Hawk Pilot Elizabeth McCormick and much more as always. Assisting women who are overcoming the obstacles of entering careers that are so-called historically male-dominated by providing leadership opportunities, meeting and networking space with potential employers and illuminating the smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace. Email Diane Galvan at dgalvan62@alamo.edu for details on the WINTO experience.

All events are open to the public, and parking is free for all events. For information, contact observance team leads Kelli Wilder and Cynthia Katz | kwilder6@alamo.edu and ckatz@alamo.edu and visit the season web page when it goes live later this month.