SPC is one of the Top 10 2019 Best Community Colleges in Texas List

March 21, 2019

Public Information Officer


With 6,000 online students worldwide, St. Philip’s College is a supportive environment for the virtual community college experience

An online consumer search provider for consumers of higher education has evaluated the portfolio of St. Philip's College's online degree and certificate programs among the top 10 online community programs in Texas.

The SR Education Group created Guide to Online Schools to help students choose the best school for their career aspirations and budget. The guide is where the objective information on the college's unsolicited Number Nine ranking is now found.

Guide to Online Schools has been helping prospective students find the right online college for 15 years. The service allows prospective students to find schools based on degree, tuition, student recommendation rate, and military benefits, among other important attributes.

According to the guide authors, "Students in Texas are lucky to have 24 community colleges in their state that offer fully online associate degrees and certificates. For each school, we conducted manual research to provide prospective students with more details about the schools' online programs."

With 6,000 online students worldwide representing nearly half of the college’s 13,000 enrolled within the Alamo Colleges District's student body of 60,000-plus, St. Philip’s College has been a great fit for the online version of the community college experience, serving serious students of the business, arts, education and health professions. And that highly-rated figure of 6,000 represents roughly ten percent of community college enrollment in the nation’s seventh largest city.

As for St. Philip’s College and its online portfolio, the guide authors state, "The school offers a number of online degree and certificate programs for students in need of a flexible learning environment. Students can choose to enroll in Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in Teaching, and Associate of Applied Science degrees, as well as several different professional certificate programs. Degree topics include business management and technology, network administrator, early childhood and family studies, and health information technology.”

Online SPC Associate Degrees that made the Guide to Online Schools were: 

  • A.A.S. Business Management and Technology
  • A.A.S. Information Assurance and Cybersecurity
  • A.A.S. Network Administrator
  • A.A.S. Accounting Technology
  • A.A.S. Administrative Office Technology
  • A.A.S. Early Childhood and Family Studies
  • A.A.S. Early Childhood and Family Studies - Accreditation Leadership
  • A.A.S. Early Childhood and Family Studies - Language and Literacy in Preschool
  • A.A.S. Health Information Technology
  • A.A.S. Web and Mobile Developer
  • A.A.T. Teaching - 7-12 and other EC-12 Field of Study
  • A.A.T. Teaching - EC-6 4-8, EC-12 Special Education
  • Associate of Arts 

Online SPC Certificate Programs listed by Guide to Online Schools were:

  • Administrative Office Assistant Technology Certificate
  • Early Childhood Studies Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Level I Certificate
  • Information Technology Cybersecurity Specialist Level I Certificate
  • MCSE: Server Infrastructure Level 1 Certificate
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certificate
  • Office Applications Specialists (OAS) Level I Certificate
  • Payroll Specialist Certificate
  • Small Business Management Level 1 Certificate
  • Web and Mobile Developer Certificate

While there's even an Online Degrees Available at St Philip's College page at the Guide to Online Schools sitehttps://www.guidetoonlineschools.com/online-schools/st-philip-s-college, there are also a ton of good reasons to consider going virtual and investing in online education with St. Philip’s College. 

  • In the nation's seventh-largest city, the innovative Early Childhood and Family Studies program at St. Philip’s College is the home of the first online Early Childhood degree in San Antonio from an accredited community college.
  • The oldest learned society in the state awarded an esteemed St. Philip's College professor who is an emerging leader in online education at the community college level with its highest honor. The faculty member waiting to infuse online students with his world-class experience is 2019 Mary Jon and J.P. Bryan Leadership in Education Award recipient Professor Allen Lee Hamilton. “History is fun. I have a blast. Right now, I'm teaching seven classes, all Internet. I’ve been online about five years and was the first person in the history department to start teaching online about 10 years ago, and I’ve been teaching exclusively online for about five years. It’s the wave of the future. That was one of the reasons I won the award. I talk to the communities---the virtual and the physical communities... that’s the world we live in today. I've been a finalist for this award for the last three years," Hamilton recalled. Hamilton has published work with the association's Handbook of Texas Online in addition to teaching 25,000-plus students for 40 years.
  • Among all comparable online degree programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities member institutions, consumer education organization The Hundred-Seven ranked St. Philip's College’s program Number Two overall in its December 2019 Top HBCUs With Online Programs listing. In the same The Hundred-Seven special feature, St. Philip’s College was also alphabetically listed among the Top 6 in Computer Science and the Top 7 in Administration/Health Information Technology programs to round out two of The Hundred-Seven’s Top HBCUs with Online Programs rankings. Thirty percent of HBCUs offer online programs, the provider reported.
  • The likes of education consumer search tool Accredited Schools Online recognized St. Philip's College with an unsolicited first-in-Texas ranking in its Two-Year Colleges category among Best Online Schools in Texas for 2017.
  • Consumer education organization affordablecollegesonline.org recently ranked St. Philip's College's Fine Arts program number 11 in its Best Online Art Programs 2018-2019 listing among all comparable U.S. online associate degree-level art programs. St. Philip's College is ranked high for its core SPS Arts 1301 course, meaning entry-level artists can begin at SPC with confidence, and non-artists can rest assured they completed a course of depth through St. Philip's College. Over 200 students enroll in SPC's online course with faculty members Jennifer Agricola-Mojica, Justin Schneider and Guadalupe Mendoza Rodriguez.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2018, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, the only newsmagazine focusing on matters of access and opportunity for all in higher education, evaluated St. Philip's College highly among postsecondary institutions that confer the most degrees to students of color in its annual Top 100 Producers of Associate Degrees, 2018 report. Many of those degree holders of color are alumni of excellent online St. Philip’s College degree programs.
  • And among all comparable U.S. online associate degree-level cybersecurity programs, consumer education organization TheBestSchools.org ranks St. Philip's College’s Associated of Applied Science in Information Technology Cybersecurity Specialist degree program an unsolicited number eight in its The Best 8 Online Associate in Network Security Programs rankings. The Associated of Applied Science in Information Technology Cybersecurity Specialist degree program online program has been operational for eight years and is one of the Top Programs referred to in The Hundred-Seven special feature. As one of the city’s first National Security Agency-approved two-year college cybersecurity programs where students who earn federal certifications of training have been prepared for entry-level jobs, since 2011 the program has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by both the NSA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The program is also based within a U.S. cybersecurity workforce hub that is perennially number two in scale following America’s National Capitol Region. 

Find general information on some of the best in online education at the college's Center for Distance Learning.