2019 Paris Culinary Exchange

October 31, 2019

Alexa Saavedra, Strategic Communications Coordinator

Eight students from the St. Philip's College Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts Department traveled to Paris, France as part of the Gastronomy Exchange Program with Alamo Colleges District partner institution Lycee Guillaume Tirel.

The trip included an 11-day experimental learning experience that allowed students to explore the art of French cooking, attend the Gastronomy Festival and visit local landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower. The culinary exchange program promotes diversity, globalization and competitiveness during France's premier foodie event. A Festival of Gastronomy typically features 11,000 events, nearly 2 million visitors, 61,000 banquets and picnics and 350 initiatives abroad.

Students Sandra Ramirez, Nancy Emma, Kyle Garza, Gabriel Hormuth, Juliet Burley, Jasmin Madrigal, Sabrina Burpo and Kurtis Thompson were joined by college faculty member Chef Patrick Costello, Dean for Academic Success, Applied Science & Technology Edith Orozco and St. Philip’s College President Dr. Adena Williams Loston.

During the trip, a signing ceremony took place with Dr. Adena Williams Loston and Roberto Ghin, Head Master at Lycee Hotelier Guillaume Tirel. Now in the sixth year of the partnership, the two institutions have agreed to renew for five more years. Students from Paris will study Texas cuisine at SPC in 2020.

Dr. Loston also signed a letter of Intent with Dean of Business Marion Fabre, the head of the international office for INSEEC School of Business and Commerce in Paris. The agreement will secure exchange opportunities for students in Europe and the United Kingdom to study abroad at St. Philip’s College.