Automotive Technology Program Introduces New Software Designed for Distance Learning

May 19, 2020

Alexa Saavedra, Strategic Communications Coordinator

The St. Philip’s College Automotive Technology program provides automotive technician training enriched in current technology and fundamental hands-on skills for individuals seeking an entry-level or advanced position in the automotive career field. Due to the recent changes brought by COVID-19, the program has introduced an Automotive Essential software that provides online hand-on instruction to students. The software is part of Electude, a cloud-based automotive e-learning solution.

Automotive Essential provides a comprehensive online curriculum, complete with interactive lessons and quizzes designed for teaching and educating automotive students and technicians. Students gain insight and knowledge about the inner workings of vehicles through interactive lessons, animations and simulations.

The Automotive Essentials software is also used by automotive trainees who are learning fundamentals and by experienced technicians who want to learn more about the latest advances in automotive technology.

“We understand this program will not replace our hands-on training; however, we believe it will increase our students’ overall learning outcomes,” said Joshua D. Scott, Automotive Technology Program Chair.

The Automotive Technology Program at St. Philip's is nationally certified in eight content areas and maintains Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Certification status. The program is accredited by the ASE Education Foundation.

To learn more about the Automotive Technology Program, click here.

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