SPC’s Accelerated Certificate Programs Jumpstart Careers

September 22, 2020

Fast track certificate programs available at St. Philip’s College focus on providing entry-level jobs in high demand areas within the community. The college currently offers 71 accelerated certificate pathways in both traditional and online delivery, known as Level 1 Certificates & Occupational Skills Awards. Certificate programs are designed to expose students to a specific field or skill set that can help broaden their knowledge in that subject area. At their core, the various curriculums help students in understanding the depth of their chosen field and to walk away with the tactical skills and experiences needed to expand their career options, advance at work, or even switch to a new industry altogether. 

Depending on the type of certificate, classes may only cover a broad view of essential industry-related topics and practices to ensure students have a working knowledge of the field. More advanced certificate programs (Enhanced Skills Certificates & Advanced Technical Certificates) dive more deeply into the subject or review more sophisticated methods for the work. SPC currently offers six advanced certificate programs for students who want to advance their level one certificates but not necessary in a two-year program. In either type of certificate program, graduates leave with skills developed enough to apply what they’ve learned to their respective field or, in some cases, expand that base knowledge into an advanced degree. 

“Certificate programs provide an accelerated option to earning a marketable skill in a demand profession, with a high return on investment (ROI). They can also help students break into high-paying fields without investing in a four-year degree that may not be the right fit and could lead to student debt,” said Randall Dawson, Vice President for Academic Success.

Although accelerated degrees are not for everyone, someone looking to jumpstart their career and get to work sooner can benefit from an expedited and flexible schedule. Enrollment for the Fall 2020 semester continues to be open. Many of the programs available under these accelerated programs start every two weeks.

To learn more about SPC’s degree and certificate pathways, click here. View Level 1 Certificate and Occupational Skills Award options below. 

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