Student to be published in National Anthology of the Best Undergraduate Writing

December 9, 2021

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The work of St. Philip’s College student, Isabella V. Rodriguez, has been selected to be published in the 2022 edition of plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing.

plain china is an online anthology that seeks to publish the best poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction written by undergraduates.

Isabella’s poem titled "Two Words" will be part of the collection of work published annually in the national online journal housed at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Two Words” is about loss, specifically the loss of a loved one. Isabella wrote the poem with her father in mind, he passed away when she was only two years old.

“Although someone has passed, you can always carry them with you. The memories left behind keep them alive,” said Isabella.

Isabella was recognized during the Fall 2021 Tiger PAWS Virtual Publication event held in early December. “Two Words” was previously published in the Tiger PAWS Fall 2020 edition. Tiger PAWS is a literary art journal produced and published by St. Philip’s College students.

To learn more about the national anthology for undergraduate work, click here.


Two Words

The emptiness you left is there every day,

The pillow sheets are often drenched,

My eyes stay shut to keep from the truth,

My ears still wait to hear you say those two words,

My nose clings to the smell of your favorite plaid jacket,

It’s been that way for eighteen years, and it will be that way till I reach the bridge

And when I do, I will be the one that says those two words

I’m home

- Isabella V. Rodriguez