CultureFest Rib Cook-off Winners Announced

June 28, 2021

The St. Philip’s College CultureFest & Rib Cook-off was held virtually during the 2021 Fiesta season. St. Philip’s joined the San Antonio community to encourage the Fiesta spirit with a line-up of virtual events that led to a live stream of this year’s Rib Cook-off winners. 

For 26 years, the CultureFest & Rib Cook-off event has been a signature celebration for San Antonio’s Eastside during the Fiesta season. The event, hosted on the St. Philip’s College MLK Campus, draws thousands of attendees annually and continues to be one of SPC’s largest fundraisers contributing to student scholarships.

The annual support and participation of the San Antonio Community during the Fiesta season allow St. Philip’s College to take part in celebrating the heritage of San Antonio and the cultural influences of St. Philip's College. St. Philip's represents one of San Antonio's most historically distinguished and ethnically diverse institutions in higher learning. 

CultureFest Rib Cook-off Winners:

Pork Ribs

1st Place – Angel Meadows (Paula Englebert)

2nd Place – SPC Student Onboarding (Andres Arredondo)

3rd Place – Francisco Antonio

Beef Ribs

1st Place – Smoke Therapy (Alexandra Wilhelm)

2nd Place – Francisco Antonio

3rd Place – John Martin

Student Choice

Francisco Antonio

Best Meat of the Day

1st Place – Angel Meadows (Paula Englebert)

2nd Place – Smoke Therapy (Alexandra Wilhelm)

062821-CultureFest03-320x200.jpg 062821-CultureFest01-320x200.jpg 062821-CultureFest06-320x200.jpg
062821-CultureFest02-320x200.jpg 062821-CultureFest05-320x200.jpg 062821-CultureFest04-320x200.jpg

BBQ Grill Raffle Winner

BBQGrillRaffle-WilliamReddick01-320x200.jpg BBQGrillRaffle-WilliamReddick02-320x200.jpg  

William Reddick. William is an SPC graduate Class of 2019 Nursing department.

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