Four SPC Students Named to 2021 All-Texas Academic Team

March 4, 2021

St. Philip’s College Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) students Alexandra Williams, Cole Gavlick, Malia Mikol, and Morgan Hutcheson have been selected to represent the College as part of the All-Texas Academic Team. The program works in conjunction with the Texas Association of Community Colleges and PTK to honor academic excellence and community involvement. 

Each year, approximately 100 community college students are selected from 50 community college districts in Texas to be honored as members of the All-Texas Academic Team. Students are nominated by faculty members and selections are based on academic achievement, community service, leadership, and expression. Since a 3.5 GPA is required when applying, the extra work and community service outside of their courses play an important role in selection.

“This achievement is a huge milestone for my academic journey. Being part of this team will serve as a reminder that I completed a challenging program," said student, Morgan Hutcheson.

As part of Phi Theta Kappa, students are invited to participate in various leadership and service experiences aside from the All-Texas Academic Team. Additionally, student members have access to $48 million in scholarships and more than $46 million in transfer scholarships to over 850 four-year colleges.

 "PTK has helped me stay motivated and focused on my studies with the opportunities available to obtain financial assistance. If it weren't for their resources, I would not be where I am now,” Morgan added. 

Recipients of the award attend a ceremony in Austin where they receive a commemorative medal and certificate. A complete list of members of the All-Texas Academic Team may be found on the Phi Theta Kappa website.


Morgan Kay Hutcheson
Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Cole Gavlick
Power Generation and Alternative Energy


Alexandra Williams


Malia Mikol

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