Graduate Spotlight: Alli Stringer

May 5, 2021

Meet Alli, she will be receiving an Associate of Applied Science in Radiography Technology.

When Alli began her journey at St. Philip’s College, she was not completely sure what educational pathway she wanted to follow. Although she initially had an interest in pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene, with guidance from a former professor, she quickly found a passion for Radiography.

“I was a bit nervous when I began the program, I wasn’t sure if I would like the medical field in general. I quickly fell in love with the Radiography Technology program, it was the best fit for me,” she said.  

Alli hopes to become well-versed in different medical imaging types and modalities. She ultimately sees herself working in an area where she can serve as the first line of defense for children.

“I came from poor circumstances where I didn’t always have a person advocating for me when I needed it. I want to be able to be that for children in need,” said Alli. 

Upon graduation and completion of board certification, Alli hopes to enter the workforce and build a professional career in San Antonio. 

During her free time, Alli enjoys painting and loves to spend time with her dogs Winston and Khan.

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