Scholarship Judging

Welcome Scholarship Judges! Your participation in this process is crucial to the success of our scholarship program. This page will serve as a resource for you during the scholarship application review process. Thank you for your continued support of our students.

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The 2024-2025 scholarship application review period will occur between May 17, 2024 - May 29, 2024. If you are interested in volunteering to be a scholarship application reviewer, please complete the interest form at the above link. We will contact you in April 2024 with additional information.



Role of a Scholarship Judge/Reviewer:

For many students, a Foundation scholarship provides the momentum that propels them forward and on to graduation. As a supporter of scholarships for students enrolled at an Alamo College or Institute, you already understand and appreciate how scholarships make a difference for our students. There is no doubt that the student stories will move you, reminding you of the merit and need of our students.

Volunteer scholarship reviewers participate in an on-line, double-blind judging event. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of the scholarship award process. 

On average, we host over 300 judges that will spend up to 4 hours over the course of the week, reviewing scholarship applications that will become awards to over 2600 students. Below are several resources that will assist you in the judging process, and help keep overall scoring objective and non-discriminatory.

Judges will have access to an on-line platform during the week of May 17 - May 29, 2024. 

General guidelines for reviewing scholarship applications:

These guidelines serve as general information to support your review of each scholarship application, reflecting our advocacy of maximum student support and equality in review. 

You will be evaluating 2 personal statements/short essay answers.  There is one combined score for both essays' content. There is a seperate score for spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

For content, we ask reviewers to verify that the student answered the questions and then rate responses based on thoroughness and thoughtfulness. 

Finally, you may provide notes about your review, but are not required. 

After the essays are scored, students then go through a process where they are matched to potential scholarship opportunities based on the criteria of each opportunity.

View Scholarship Reviewer Instructions
View Scholarship Application Review Rubric
Scholarship Judging Site Instructional Video

Helpful Tips

- We will send your log in credentials the morning of May 17 and you will have through May 29 to review applications

- When you initially log in you will select the ‘Reviewer’ tab to access the portal.  Students access the same portal to apply, so be sure you are entering as a Reviewer and not an Applicant.

- If you experience any issues with logging in, we can assist by email at or by phone at 210-485-0140.

- Your objective will be to provide a score from 1-5 on essay content and a separate 1-5 score for spelling and grammar.

- Student essays will be scored on thoroughness and content, and will provide 80% of the overall score.

- Spelling and grammar are assessed separately and will provide 20% of the overall score.

- After essays are scored, the information is sent to the Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship Team as well as College Scholarship Coordinators at each campus to continue the review process and rank students by scholarship opportunity based on the specific criteria of each of the hundreds of scholarships available.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

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