Employee Giving


A St. Philip's College employee tradition is to support the Annual SPC Employee Giving Campaign. During this campaign, employees are encouraged to pledge funds towards:

  • St. Philip's College Scholarships,
  • Alamo Colleges Scholarships, and
  • The United Way and their partner agencies.

St. Philip's College strives to increase private donations from individuals and foundations to provide needed programs and scholarships for students and support community organizations. Please help us reach our goal! We are asking employees to participate in the SPC Employee Giving Campaign at a level that will help us reach 100% employee participation.

Log on via your ACES Account to Give Back

Campaign Dates: August 16 - October 31, 2021

Give Today Via Your ACES Account

Once you log in to your ACES account, go to the “Employee” tab and click on the image for Alamo GIVES BACK to log in via the pledge portal.

Alamo GIVES BACK Pledge Form

Giving Codes

You will also need to know the giving codes that will identify the funds and/or United Way partner agencies you desire to donate to.



Thank you for giving!

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Bryan Chase, SPC United Way Employee Campaign Manager at 210-486-2387 or bchase11@alamo.edu. Your generous support of this year's Alamo Colleges Employees Giving Back means that deserving students with genuine needs will have access to a life-changing education provided by the Alamo Colleges Foundation Funds. Many important community-based social services will be made possible by United Way of San Antonio and their partner agencies. The fund will support arts and cultural events. These services will touch and transform countless lives in the months and years to come. You make this success possible and we thank you!

SPC Employee Gives Incentives

Employee Giving FAQs

What is the Annual Employee Giving Campaign?

The Campaign, now called Alamo GIVES BACK, invites all Alamo Colleges employees to consider an annual philanthropic gift to support our students, programs, and the local community we serve. Giving is a personal decision and participation is voluntary.

When is the Employee Giving Campaign?

Each fall, Alamo GIVES BACK begins with Convocation and lasts for several weeks. For 2021, the campaign timeline is August 16 – October 29.

What are my options for giving?

There are three main areas of support:

  • Student scholarships, student advocacy centers, college programs, AlamoPROMISE and emergency assistance through the Alamo Colleges Foundation. There are dozens of funds to choose from, including districtwide and college-specific options.
  • Vital services to San Antonio and Bexar County’s families, children, students, and individuals through United Way impact and community partner agencies. There are over 60 partner agencies.
  • Arts education and arts-focused learning opportunities through The Arts Fund.
Where can I find a list of giving opportunities and who can I reach out to at my campus if I have questions?

Visit alamo.edu/alamogivesback to download the PDF of all giving options. You can also find the name and contact information for the campaign lead(s) at your campus or through the Alamo Colleges Foundation.

Will my gift “stay here” and support someone locally?

Yes! All gifts received in the Employee Giving Campaign support local cause(s) and people in our community.

How much of my gift really goes to support the cause I choose? Are there processing or other fees?

100% of your gift goes directly to the cause(s) you select!

What if I want to give to a different cause than the opportunities listed?

While there are many important charities, the options selected for the Employee Giving Campaign align closely with the mission of the Alamo Colleges District—to “empower our diverse communities for success.” These options are focused on education and a fostering sustainable quality of life for all within our community.

How can I participate in the Employee Giving Campaign?

Gifts may be made in one of four ways. To download a pledge form, visit alamo.edu/alamogivesback.

  • Cash – submit with a pledge form and give directly to a campaign lead at your campus
  • Check – submit with a pledge form and give to a campaign lead or mail the check and form to the Alamo Colleges Foundation (address on form)
  • Credit card – log in to United Way’s giving portal (accessible via ACES - Employee Tab)
  • Payroll deduction (PRD) – Complete a pledge form or by log in to United Way’s giving portal (accessible via ACES - Employee Tab) to customize the amount, designation and frequency for your gift.
Why are all gifts paid to United Way, even if I am giving to an Alamo Colleges Foundation fund or the Arts Fund?

We partner each year with United Way, who serves as the clearinghouse to streamline the campaign. 100% of each gift is designated per the donor’s intent.

When does payroll deduction (PRD) occur?

Over 75% of Alamo Colleges employees choose PRD each year as the simplest way to give. PRD gifts are processed starting with the employee’s first paycheck in January 2022. You may select anywhere between 1-24 pay periods. Deductions are made in order, so if you select 12 pay periods, it will be the first 12 pay periods of the year, not one deduction per month.

Are payroll deductions taken out of my paycheck pre-tax or after-tax?

PRD gifts occur after-tax, as federal law does not allow for charitable donations through payroll deduction to be processed pre-tax.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Donations to the Employee Giving Campaign are tax-deductible as allowed by current IRS regulations. Please consult with your tax advisor for information relevant to your personal tax situation.

If I gave last year, will my gift be renewed automatically be renewed this year?

No. If you gave last year, your gift is not automatically renewed through the campaign. Each employee has the opportunity to opt-in by choice each year.