College Work Study


College Work Study is a need-based financial aid program that offers eligible students funds earned through part-time, on-campus, or off-campus employment. This program provides students the opportunity to earn their own money, find a position that prioritizes their class schedule and study needs, and gain valuable professional skills needed for future employment opportunities. Students can work up to 19 hours per week based on their individual financial aid budget at our hourly rate of $15.33 per hour.


  • Eligibility


    If you do not already see the work study option offered via ACES, you can determine your eligibility by visiting the financial aid office or by submitting a work study application for your selected Home Campus.

  • Types of Work Study 

    On-Campus Work-Study

    Campus jobs are available across our five colleges or supporting offices. Your role would serve Alamo Colleges students, faculty, or staff. Learn about current available jobs by visiting your college Financial Aid Office for details on available positions and attending Job Hiring Fairs.


    1. Apply at:

    → Select Student Employment → Work-Study On Campus   → and select your Home Campus to begin

    2. The HR department will contact you to complete their New Hire paperwork once financial aid eligibility has been verified

    3. Finally, hiring departments will contact you to set up interviews

    4. Once hired, review the Work Study Student Handbook


    Community Work-Study

    Community jobs are available at non-profit agencies and school districts. Your role would serve citizens, public school students, or teachers.


    1. Apply at:

    → Select Student Employment → Work-Study Off Campus → and select your Home Campus to begin

    2. Then go to for a complete list of employers and pick two CWS job choices you are interested in

    3. Follow the posted instructions to submit a CWS Resume in correct format & your two job choices to

    4. Finally, employers will contact you to set up interviews

    5. Once hired, review the Work Study Student Handbook



Work Study FAQs

What jobs are available?

Work Study opportunities are located at various departments across your college campus, along with a number of opportunities at off-site Alamo Colleges District Support Offices, and with non-profit organizations around the San Antonio area.

Is Work Study available during the summer?

Yes, there is limited funding available for the summer. Eligible students who are interested in continuing employment after the spring semester may be able to work in summer based upon availability of funds and departmental needs.  

Students must meet the following requirements for summer eligibility:

  • Check with supervisor for position availability.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 summer hours.
  • Be in good SAP standing.
  • Complete the upcoming academic year’s FAFSA and any verification requirements.
  • Be enrolled in a minumum of 6 hours for the upcoming fall semester.
Who do I contact to update or change my direct deposit information?

To make any changes to your direct deposit, or if you wish to begin receiving your wages via direct deposit rather than a mailed paper check, please contact payroll by email at or by phone at 210-485-0370. 

Do I have to file taxes on my work study earnings?

Yes, work study earnings are taxable and must be reported on your IRS Income Tax Return (a W-2 is issued). These earnings however are excluded from reporting on FAFSA and therefore do not affect your future financial aid eligibility.

Where do I find my W-2?

W-2s for students are located within their ACES student portal. Please follow the navigation below: 

  • Web Services > Employee tab > Tax Forms > W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

If you do not receive yours, please contact the Payroll department by email at or by phone at 210-485-0370. 

Student Worker Documents

Work Study Student Agreement
Student Handbook

Department Supervisor Documents

Work Study Job Description
Employer Handbook